Synthesis of chlorosulfonic acid (sulfurochloridic acid)

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid from sulphur trioxide and hydrochloric acid

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid

To the round bottom flask fitted with gas inlet tube and condenser 200 g oleum (containing 38-40% free sulphur trioxide) is placed. To the bottom of the reaction flask, a current of dry hydrochloric acid is bubbled in. When absorption of the hydrochloric acid stops, the product is distilled. The distilled chlorosulfonic acid is generally slightly colored. Further purification could be performed by redistillation. The yield is almost theoretical. It is a colorless liquid which boils at 153-156° C with partial decomposition.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 256, 1939.

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid from sulfuric acid and phosphorus pentachloride

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid via chloroanhydrides

Preparation of chlorosulfonic acid via chloroanhydrides

Thirty millilitres of concentrated sulfuric are mixed with an equal volume of 15-20% oleum and 100 g of the mixture is transferred to a 500 ml round ground-glass flask under the hood. Seventy-five grams of phos­phorus pentachloride are added in small portions from a porcelain or glass spatula; the reaction mixture warms up and large quantities of hydrogen chloride escape. When all phos­phorus pentachloride has been added, the solution is gently heated until the evolution of hydrogen chloride has ceased; care must be taken not to overheat it; otherwise some prod­uct may be lost through volatilization. The material is then distilled, using an air condenser, until the temperature of the vapor reaches 165° C; the receiver consists of a 250 ml round flask protected from moisture. As the acid attacks cork and rubber readily an all-glass apparatus must be used. The crude product is redistilled from the receiver and the colorless liquid is collected at 149-154°C; pure chloro­sulfonic acid boils at 153 °C and must be kept in tightly sealed all-glass vessels. Yield  60-75 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 139-140, 1962


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