Synthesis of chloroplatinic acid (hexachloroplatinic acid)

Preparation of chloroplatinic acid

Chloroplatinic acid is prepared by dissolving platinum in aqua regia. The platinum is dissolved in a porcelain or glass vessel and the solution poured into a porcelain dish. Hydrochloric acid is added and the solution evaporated to syrupy consistency in order to drive off the nitric acid and any PtCl• 2NOCl which may form. The thick solution is taken up with HCl and the resulting solution reevaporated to a syrupy consistency. This is repeated several times.

Since the last traces of nitric oxide are very difficult to remove, finely divided platinum may also be dissolved in hydrochloric acid through which gaseous chlorine is bubbled (or chlorine may be generated in the solution itself by carefully adding hydrogen peroxide to it). The concentrated solution is placed in a large tared dish and the percentage of platinum in the chloride is adjusted (usually to 39.5 or 40%) by controlled evaporation of the acid on a burner with the checking on the decrease in weight. When the required percentage of platinum is reached, the dish is removed from the burner and allowed to stand until the chloroplatinic acid solution becomes a definite slurry. The solution is then stirred with a thick glass rod until it is completely cool.

Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, by G Brauer, V II, 1569, 1965





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chloroplatinic acid, Na2PtCl6, sodium chloroplatinate

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Chloroplatinic acid, Hexachloroplatinic acid, Platinic chloride, Speier’s catalyst, Dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate, Dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate(2-), Chloroplatinic(IV) acid, Platinic chloride (VAN), Hexachloroplatinic(IV) acid, HYDROGEN HEXACHLOROPLATINATE(IV), Platinum chloride (H2PtCl6), hexachloroplatinum(2-); hydron, 16941-12-1, Hydrogen hexachloroplatinate(4+), NSC 4958, EINECS 241-010-7, UN2507, Hexachloroplatinic(4+) acid, hydrogen-, Platinate(2-), hexachloro-, dihydrogen, (oc-6-11)-, 110972-89-9, Chloroplatinic acid, solid, AC1L1W1S, Platinate(2-), hexachloro-, hydrogen (1:2), (OC-6-11)-, hexakis(chloranyl)platinum(2-); hydron, Platinate(2-), hexachloro-, dihydrogen, LS-117473, RT-003607, Platinate(2-), hexachloro-, dihydrogen (8CI), A811103, Chloroplatinic acid, solid [UN2507] [Corrosive], Chloroplatinic acid, solid [UN2507] [Corrosive], 127521-16-8, 131620-42-3, 1335-29-1, 140889-50-5, 143337-19-3, 148880-59-5, 60322-59-0, 60605-43-8, 70227-39-3, 97301-98-9, 98032-39-4

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UNII-Q65224GJ7F, CID61859, H1287, 18497-13-7

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