Synthesis of chloramine

Preparation of chloramine

Chloramine is prepared by reacting chlorine with ammonia

Preparation of chloramine

Preparation of chloramine

In 250 ml solution of 2N sodium hydroxide with good cooling, chlorine is passed with amount necessary for the preparation of sodium hypochlorite (but no more!). The solution is cooled to 0 ° C and few ice cubes together with 250 ml of pre-cooled 1N ammonium hydroxide solution were poured. The reaction mixture is transferred to a distillation flask connected with a condenser cooled with ice-cold water. Immediately a vacuum is applied and distillation is performed at 30-40° C collecting about 50-60 ml. The solution thus obtained is stable chloramine at 0 ° C for some time, but the hydrogen chloride formed during its decomposition, further accelerates the decomposition. This process could be slow down if  a slight excess of ammonia solution is used. The isolated chloramine is poured into to a distillation flask connected to a drying tube filled with anhydrous potassium carbonate. This drying tube is additionally connected with a trap which is placed in liquid air. After evaporation of the gas from the flask with the solution it is subjected to a slight heating. Chloramine passes over anhydrous potassium carbonate and is collected in the trap. Then, at -60 ° ammonia is removed by evaporation.
It should be noted that by this method small amount nitrogen trichloride could be obtained. Nitrogen trichloride is unstable and can cause a violent explosion.

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CHLORAMINE, Monochloramine, Chloramide, Chloroamine, Monochloroamine, Monochloramide, Monochloroammonia, 10599-90-3, Chloramine, mono-, Chlorinated water (chloramine), CCRIS 4022, Chloramine (inorganic compound), HSDB 4293, EINECS 234-217-9, chloranamine, Chloroazane, chloramine/chlorine, NH2Cl, UNII-KW8K411A1P, AC1L193I, KW8K411A1P, CHEBI:82415, CTK0H6713, QDHHCQZDFGDHMP-UHFFFAOYSA-N, AKOS015904329, LS-2077, FT-0623594, C19359, 3B2-3528, I14-17333

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ammonia chloramine, CID25423, C030816

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