Synthesis of cerium(IV) oxide (cerium dioxide)

Preparation of cerium(IV) oxide

If cerous oxalate (Ce2(C2O4)3 · 10H2O) is strongly heated in air, the water of crystallization is first driven off, then the cerous oxalate decomposes into cerous oxide and oxides of carbon. The cerous oxide is oxidized by the oxygen in the air to cerium(IV) oxide.

72.5 grams of cerous oxalate is placed into the clean iron sand bath. The pan is heat with a long blue flame with no cone. The flame should be long enough to be in contact with all parts of the pan, but it should not appear above the rim. The solid should be stirred frequently to ensure complete decomposition. When the solid is no longer white, the temperature should be increased and the pan heated for additional 10-15 minutes with a hot flame. Then cooled, the pan with cerous oxide is weighed and heated again until the weight is approximately constant and cerous oxide is oxidized to cerium(IV) oxide.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 283-284, 1936





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ceric oxide, ceric oxide (Ce2O3), ceric oxide (CeO), cerium dioxide, cerium oxide, cerium oxide (CeO2), nanoceria

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dioxocerium, Ceric oxide, Cerium dioxide, Ceria, Ceric dioxide, Cerium oxide (CeO2), Cerium(IV)dioxide, Cerium(IV) oxide, Cerium(4+) oxide, Needlal, Nidoral, Opaline, Needlal U15, Needlal W15, Molycomp 5310, Needlal W10-01, 1306-38-3, CCRIS 2288, Ceric oxide, ceria, EINECS 215-150-4, Cerium(IV) oxide, dispersion, 385781-69-1, CeO2, AC1L2KWA, AC1Q5A8X, paragraph signthornNo>> iae, 202975_ALDRICH, 211575_ALDRICH, 289744_ALDRICH, 342955_ALDRICH, 348341_ALDRICH, 544841_ALDRICH, 639648_ALDRICH, 643009_ALDRICH, CERIC OXIDE, CeO2.XH2O, CHEBI:79089, CTK4I0189, AR-1I5961, AN-48995, AN-49138, LS-52784, paragraph signthornNo>> iae pound notiaeIA, FT-0623553, 3B4-1537, I14-86277, 1028607-87-5, 1033016-71-5, 1255709-68-2, 1310572-48-5, 956013-06-2

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Cerium oxide, nanoceria, Cerium(III) oxide, ceric oxide (CeO), ceric oxide (Ce2O3), DICERIUM TRIOXIDE, UNII-619G5K328Y, CID73963, C030583, 1345-13-7, 40482-44-8

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