Synthesis of carbon dioxide

Preparation of carbon dioxide

Preparation of carbon dioxide

Preparation of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide prepared by treating coarsely broken marble (or any other inorganic carbonate/ bicarbonate) with dilute hydrochloric acid in Kipp’s apparatus. Sulfuric acid could not be used as it forms calcium sulfate which is not soluble and forms protective layer preventing reaction.  The obtained carbon dioxide is washed with water and dried over concentrated sulfuric acid.

Instead of using an inorganic acid for the evolution of carbon dioxide, it is convenient to use sodium hydrogen sulfate (NaHSO4). A mixture of equivalent quantities of the respective salts in powder gives, when wetted with water, a regular stream of the carbon dioxide gas, which will be free from the impurities usually derived from the use of an acid.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 29-30, 1895


carbon dioxide



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Anhydride, Carbonic, Carbon Dioxide, Carbonic Anhydride, Dioxide, Carbon

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carbon dioxide, carbonic anhydride, Dry ice, carbonic acid gas, Carbonic acid anhydride, Carbonica, 124-38-9, (14c)methanedione, Carbon oxide, di-, Khladon 744, Kohlendioxyd, Kohlensaure, CO2, After-damp, AER Fixus, Anhydride carbonique, HSDB 516, Kohlensaure [German], Caswell No. 163, Kohlendioxyd [German], Carbon oxide (CO2), UN1013, UN1845, UN2187, Carbon dioxide (99.8%), Dioxomethane, Dioxyde de carbone [French], Dioxido de carbono [Spanish], Anhydride carbonique [French], methanedione, R 744, UNII-142M471B3J, CHEBI:16526, CURLTUGMZLYLDI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 204-696-9, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 016601, E290, dioxidocarbon, Cardice, Dricold, Drikold, dry-ice, Dioxomethane #, methane, dioxo-, Carbon dioxide ion, Dioxido de carbono, Dioxyde de carbone, Carbon(IV) oxide, Carbonic acid, gas, Makr carbon dioxide, Carbon-12 dioxide, Carbon dioxide solid, 51-90-1, Carbon dioxide (TN), Dry ice (solid phase), ACMC-1BQVJ, Carbon Dioxide [USAN], COO-, Carbon dioxide, ion(1-), AC1L18VV, 23402_SUPELCO, Carbon dioxide (JP16/USP), 295108_ALDRICH, AC1Q28J8, CHEMBL1231871, CTK0H6033, HMDB01967, Carbon dioxide, solid or dry ice, [CO2], KST-1A5406, Carbon dioxide, refrigerated liquid, AR-1A0518, AR-1I2417, AKOS009157017, 142M471B3J, UN 1013, UN 1845, UN 2187, AN-22952, LS-51903, TC-167538, E 290, E-290, FT-0690212, R-744, Carbon dioxide [UN1013] [Nonflammable gas], Carbon dioxide [UN1013] [Nonflammable gas], D00004, 3B4-2354, Carbon dioxide, solid or dry ice [UN1845] [Class 9], Carbon dioxide, solid or dry ice [UN1845] [Class 9], Carbon dioxide, refrigerated liquid [UN2187] [Nonflammable gas], Carbon dioxide, refrigerated liquid [UN2187] [Nonflammable gas], 14485-07-5, 18923-20-1, 957761-35-2

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Carbon oxide, formic acid, Carbonic oxide, carboxyl radical, Dioxide, Carbon, Anhydride, Carbonic, Carbon-14C dioxide, CID280, c0131, C00011, D002245, 5309-77-3, 91959-07-8, FMT

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