Synthesis of butyl ethyl ether

Preparation of butyl ethyl ether

Alternative Names: 1-Ethoxybutane; Butane, 1-ethoxy-; Ether, butyl ethyl; Ethyl butyl ether;

Preparation of butyl ethyl ether

Preparation of butyl ethyl ether

A round bottom flask is equipped with a dropping funnel and a reflux condenser which is connected calcium chloride tube. To the reaction flask 60 ml of absolute ethyl alcohol and 3 g of metallic sodium are added. After all the metallic sodium is dissolved, 10.7 g (or 8.3 ml) of n-butyl bromide are added from a dropping funnel and the mixture is refluxed for 1 hour in a water bath. After cooling, the reaction mass is poured into the flask containing 40-50 ml of water. Thus precipitated by reacting sodium bromide is dissolved, and butyl ethyl ether is separated in a separatory funnel and washed with 20 ml of water, dried over calcium chloride and distilled. The fraction boiling at 90-92° C is collected yielding 6.5 g (80% of theory, based on n-butyl bromide); nD=1.3810 at 20° C.

Лабораторные работы в органическом практикуме, А.Е., Агрономов, 64, 1974 (Laboratory work in the organic practice, A. E, Agronomov, 64, 1974)





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BUTYL ETHYL ETHER, 1-Ethoxybutane, Butane, 1-ethoxy-, 628-81-9, Ether, butyl ethyl, Ethyl butyl ether, n-Butyl ethyl ether, 1-Butyl ethyl ether, Ether ethylbutylique, Ether ethylbutylique [French], EINECS 211-055-7, UN1179, Butylethylether, 1-ethoxy-butane, Ethyl n-butyl ether, Ethyl-n-butyl Ether, PubChem12525, ACMC-1AWLV, AC1L1ZEX, DSSTox_CID_30883, n-C4H9OC2H5, UNII-NO396R19PJ, DSSTox_GSID_52311, SCHEMBL43234, 268925_ALDRICH, NO396R19PJ, SCHEMBL4637696, CTK2F5305, MolPort-000-152-573, PZHIWRCQKBBTOW-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Tox21_303804, ANW-34429, ZINC02031618, UN 1179, VZ21322, NCGC00357088-01, CAS-628-81-9, CJ-31762, LP100320, LS-67778, OR000277, TC-123174, TL8004302, B0776, FT-0626211, Ethyl butyl ether [UN1179] [Flammable liquid], A834065, Ethyl butyl ether [UN1179] [Flammable liquid], 3B3-009597

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