Synthesis of bromoacetyl bromide

Preparation of bromoacetyl bromide

Bromoacetyl bromide is prepared by reacting bromine with acetic acid

For the preparation of bromoacetyl bromide all reagents must by dry. Additionally, to remove phosphoric acid, red phosphorus is washed with water and dried. The bromine is dried by mixing with half its volume of concentrated sulfuric acid and separated with separatory funnel.

Preparation of bromoacetyl bromide

Preparation of bromoacetyl bromide

To the round bottom flask fitted with reflux condenser protected from moisture with CaCl2, dropping funnel, 300 ml of acetic acid and 50 g of phosphorus are placed. Slowly 350 ml (1050 g) of bromine are dropwise added from the dropping-funnel. A vigorous reaction occurs, and the reaction warms up. After half the bromine has been added the reaction moderates and after all has been added, the liquid is refluxed gently until the color of the bromine disappears. The reaction flask is cooled, and the liquid decanted into a distilling flask for distillation in vacuum with flask which is provided with a thermometer, and attached to a condenser and receiver. Bromoacetyl bromide is distilled at 50-60 mm of Hg and collecting fraction passing at 50-53° C.

Practical organic chemistry, Julius B. Cohen, 110, 1937


2-bromoacetyl bromide



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Bromoacetyl bromide, 2-Bromoacetyl bromide, 598-21-0, ACETYL BROMIDE, BROMO-, bromo acetyl bromide, Acetyl bromide, 2-bromo-, CCRIS 9090, LSTRKXWIZZZYAS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 209-923-5, UN2513, bromoacetylbromide, bromo acetylbromide, bromo-acetylbromide, bromoacetyl-bromide, Bromoacetic bromide, 2-bromoacetylbromide, Bromo-acetyl bromide, a-bromo-acetylbromide, a-Bromoacetyl bromide, 2-bromo-acetyl bromide, alpha-bromoacetyl bromide, AC1L1UMI, 2-bromanylethanoyl bromide, ACMC-1ARF4, SCHEMBL34263, B56412_ALDRICH, AC1Q27J2, 16115_FLUKA, CTK1H1014, LSTRKXWIZZZYAS-UHFFFAOYSA-, MolPort-000-871-985, BB_SC-6823, ANW-33360, BBL027286, SBB040828, STL146513, ZINC03860232, AKOS000121172, MCULE-6031858200, RP25896, RTR-020719, UN 2513, AN-21576, CJ-10840, KB-75778, SC-18428, Bromoacetyl bromide [UN2513] [Corrosive], DB-072701, LS-168668, TR-020719, B0539, Bromoacetyl bromide [UN2513] [Corrosive], FT-0623220, InChI=1/C2H2Br2O/c3-1-2(4)5/h1H2, 68059-EP2289890A1, 68059-EP2308874A1, 100045-EP2289890A1, 100045-EP2292621A1, 100045-EP2295402A2, 100045-EP2301923A1, A832485, 3B4-0652, I14-0281

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