Synthesis of bromoacetone

Preparation of bromoacetone

Bromoacetone is obtained similarly to chloroacetone, by the action of bromine on acetone.

Preparation of bromoacetone

Preparation of bromoacetone

To the round bottom flask fitted with a reflux condenser, thermometer and dropping funnel 30 g acetone, 30 g acetic acid and 120 ml water are placed.

A glass apparatus for the preparation of bromoacetone

A glass apparatus for the preparation of bromoacetone

The reaction mixture is gently heated to 70° C. Slowly 91 g elemental bromine are added from the dropping-funnel. To initialize the reaction during the addition of bromine the flask being exposed to the direct light from a 750-watt lamp. At the end of the reaction when the liquid is colorized 60 ml of water are added. The flask is cooled and excess of hydrobromic acid is neutralized with the saturated solution of sodium carbonate. The final reaction product forms as oil which is separated, dried and distilled in vacuum. The product is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor and boiling point 136° C.

Bromoacetone may be also obtained by the action of bromine dissolved in acetone on an aqueous solution of sodium bromate (NaBrO3) and sulfuric acid at 30-35° C.

Preparation of bromoacetone

Preparation of bromoacetone

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