Synthesis of boric acid

Preparation of boric acid

Boric acid is prepared by treating borax with nitric acidNitric acid is preferred to hydrochloric acid because sodium nitrate is more readily soluble than sodium chloride. Sulfuric acid is not employed because it is not so readily washed out.

Preparation of boric acid

Preparation of boric acid

100 g of borax (Na2B4O· 10H2O) are dissolved in 250 ml of boiling distilled water, and filter while hot. 54 g of nitric acid (a slight excess of nitric acid is necessary) are added to the hot filtrate and the reaction mixture is set aside in a cold place for a day. The next day the crystals of boric acid are collected by filtration and wash with a small quantity of cold distilled water. Boric acid is purified by redissolving the washed crystals in 200 ml of boiling distilled water. The solution is cooled and kept until no crystals of boric acid appear. Boric acid crystals are filtered and dried yielding 50-60% colorless or white, pearly, lamellar crystals, somewhat unctuous to the touch; taste feebly acid, slightly bitterish.

Laboratory manual of inorganic and pharmaceutical preparations, by O. Miner, 6-7, 1911


boric acid



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boric acid, boron oxide hydroxide, orthoboric acid

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BORIC ACID, Orthoboric acid, Boracic acid, Borofax, 10043-35-3, Boron hydroxide, Boron trihydroxide, Three Elephant, Basilit B, Boric acid (H3BO3), Orthoborsaeure, Borsaeure, Borsaure, Trihydroxyborone, Acidum boricum, Super Flea Eliminator, Orthoboric acid (B(OH)3), Flea Prufe, Boric acid (BH3O3), component of Aci-Jel, Dr.’s 1 Flea Terminator DT, Trihydroxyborane, Orthboric Acid, Dr.’s 1 Flea Terminator DFPBO, NCI-C56417, Borsaure [German], Dr.’s 1 Flea Terminator DF, Boric acid (VAN), Caswell No. 109, Dr.’s 1 Flea Terminator DTPBO, NSC 81726, UNII-R57ZHV85D4, CCRIS 855, CHEBI:33118, HSDB 1432, KGBXLFKZBHKPEV-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 233-139-2, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 011001, 11113-50-1, NCGC00090745-02, AI3-02406, DSSTox_CID_194, DSSTox_RID_75425, DSSTox_GSID_20194, Boric acid (H310BO3), BO3, Boric acid, crude natural, containing not more than 85 per cent ofH3BO3 calculated on the dry weight, CAS-10043-35-3, Bluboro, Borate(2-), heptaoxotetra-, Optibor, Sassolite, Kjel-sorb, Ant flip, Homberg’s salt, Kill-off, hydrogen orthoborate, Boric acid (TN), Bluboro (Salt/Mix), (10B)Orthoboric acid, PubChem10918, ACMC-1BSON, BORIC ACID, ACS, WLN: QBQQ, Boric acid [USAN:JAN], bmse000941, Boric acid (JP16/NF), Acidum boricum (Salt/Mix), Orthoboric acid (H3BO3), Borate (B4O7(2-)), KSC177G8D, B1934_SIGMA, B6768_SIGMA, B7901_SIGMA, B9645_SIGMA, BIDD:ER0252, CHEMBL42403, UNII-44OAE30D22, 11606_RIEDEL, 11607_RIEDEL, 202878_ALDRICH, 31146_RIEDEL, 339067_ALDRICH, AC1L1P71, B(OH)3, B0252_SIAL, B0394_SIAL, B2645_SIAL, B7660_SIAL, R57ZHV85D4, Collyrium Eye Wash (Salt/Mix), 15663_FLUKA, 15663_SIGMA, CTK0H7381, KGBXLFKZBHKPEV-UHFFFAOYSA-, MolPort-003-925-997, 11606_SIAL, 11607_SIAL, 31146_SIAL, NSC81726, EINECS 234-343-4, EINECS 237-478-7, Tox21_111004, Tox21_202185, Tox21_301000, 1332-77-0 (di-potassium salt), LS-321, NSC-81726, 12007-58-8 (di-ammonium salt), AKOS015833571, RL00039, RTR-000169, NCGC00090745-01, NCGC00090745-03, NCGC00090745-04, NCGC00090745-05, NCGC00254902-01, NCGC00259734-01, 12258-53-6, E284, LS-45173, SC-65217, 12007-66-8 (strontium[1:1] salt), 12007-67-9 (zinc[1:1] salt), 12228-91-0 (manganese[1:1] salt), AB1002298, TR-000169, FT-0623166, FT-0623167, FT-0694863, InChI=1/BH3O3/c2-1(3)4/h2-4H, C12486, D01089, 13460-50-9 (HBO2), A800201, 3B4-1606, I14-17611, I14-19610, 13813-79-1 (H3(10)BO3), 12795-04-9, 30698-98-7

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