Synthesis of bismuth trioxide

Preparation of bismuth oxide (bismuth trioxide; bismuth(III) oxide)

The filtrate after the synthesis of bismuth oxynitrate (bismuth subnitrate) contains considerable quantities of bismuth ions, which can be conveniently transformed to oxide by precipitating with sodium carbonate.

Preparation of bismuth oxide (bismuth trioxide; bismuth(III) oxide)

Preparation of bismuth oxide (bismuth trioxide; bismuth(III) oxide)

To the obtained filtrate is treated sodium carbonate solution until the reaction is alkaline to litmus. The obtained precipitate is left to settle, then removed by decantation. The remaining suspension is boiled after adding to it about 20 grams more of sodium carbonate. Then the precipitate is washed twice by decantation, filtered and washed with  three portions of water. Finally, obtained bismuth oxide is dried and stored in a stoppered bottle.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 314-315, 1936





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bismuth oxide, bismuth oxide (BiO2), bismuth trioxide, bismuth yellow

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Bismuth(III) oxide, Bismuth Yellow, Dibismuth trioxide, Bismuth sesquioxide, Bismuthous oxide, Bismutum-oxydatum, Wimut(III)-oxid, Bismuth(3+) oxide, Bismuth oxide (Bi2O3), Bismuth oxide (BiO1.5), Bismuth sesquioxide (Bi2O3), EINECS 215-134-7, NCGC00166095-01, C.I. 77160, Bismite, AC1L24IX, DSSTox_CID_26537, DSSTox_RID_81701, DSSTox_GSID_46537, oxo(oxobismuthanyloxy)bismuthane, 202827_ALDRICH, 223891_ALDRICH, 637017_ALDRICH, Tox21_112312, 12048-50-9 (bismuth-O2), AKOS015903964, LS-44727, CAS-1304-76-3, I14-18048, 11090-09-8, 163831-49-0, 477850-83-2

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Bismuth trioxide, de-Nol, BISMUTH OXIDE, UNII-A6I4E79QF1, CID14776, 1304-76-3

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