Synthesis of bismuth triiodide (bismuth(III) iodide)

Preparation of bismuth triiodide

20 g iodine are mixed with 35 g finely powdered bismuth in a mortar, quickly poured into a short neck distillation flask fitted short air condenser. The reaction flask is slowly heated on the gas stove and when the reaction is finished the small quantity of excess iodine is removed by a current of dry carbon dioxide Then the temperature raised until the bismuth triiodide sublimes in form of very large crystals, similar in appearance to iodinebismuth triiodide is additionally purified by re-sublimation, yielding gray-black solid.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 140-141, 1895





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bismuth iodide, bismuth iodide (1:3)

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Bismuth iodide, Bismuth triiodide, Bismuth(III) iodide, triiodobismuthane, Bismuthine, triiodo-, 7787-64-6, Bismuth iodide (BiI3), triiodobismuthine, 12262-07-6, Triiodobismuth, Bismuth iodide, BiI3, Bismuth iodide (VAN), AC1L38VZ, AC1Q4P2H, KSC179G5D, 229474_ALDRICH, 341010_ALDRICH, 456837_ALDRICH, CTK0H9351, MolPort-003-928-203, EINECS 232-127-4, AR-1L7399, NSC103681, AKOS015902622, NSC 103681, NSC-103681, TRA0168676, AB1006875, TR-024923, I14-19750, Triiodobismuth; Bismuth iodide (VAN); Triiodobismuthane; Bismuth(+3) trihydride cation triiodide

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UNII-BGX9X3FOLL, CID111042, 82475-11-4

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