Synthesis of barium hydroxide (baryta)

Preparation of barium hydroxide

Preparation of barium hydroxide (baryta)

Preparation of barium hydroxide (baryta)

99 g of finely powdered barium carbonate are mixed with 10 g of powdered charcoal and 5 g of powdered rosin. After mixing the whole mass very thoroughly in a mortar is placed in the crucible, pressed down firmly, and covered with a layer of charcoal at least 1-2 centimeters deep. The crucible is covered and heated for 1 hour in the gas furnace to as high a temperature as possible. After the crucible has cooled, the top layer of charcoal is removed barium oxide is placed in the porcelain dish, and very cautiously treated with 400 ml of water. The mixture is heated in the dish to boiling and filtered by pouring the solution through a large, ordinary filter and  letting the clear liquid run directly into a 500 ml flask and keeping the funnel covered to prevent cooling during the filtration. The residue is rinsed in the dish with 75 ml more of boiling water and poured this upon the filter after the first portion has nearly all run through. The filtrate is cooled slowly to room temperature and then to 0° C in the ice-water bath.  The crystals of barium hydroxide octahydrate are collected and dried at room temperature in the desiccator. During drying and storing, barium hydroxide should be protected from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Barium hydroxide octahydrate is converted to the monohydrate upon heating in air. At 100° C in a vacuum, the barium hydroxide monohydrate gives barium oxide.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 199-201, 1936





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Caustic baryta, Barium dihydroxide, Barium hydroxide solution, Barium Hydroxide (Ba(OH)2), HSDB 1605, EINECS 241-234-5, B4059_SIGMA, Barium hydroxide lime [USAN], 35050_RIEDEL, 433373_ALDRICH, 35050_FLUKA, 12230-71-6 (octahydrate), 22326-55-2 (monohydrate), MolPort-003-930-780, LS-24689, I14-45056, 1304-17-2

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BARIUM HYDROXIDE, Barium hydroxide lime, Ba(OH)2, CID28387, 17194-00-2

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