Synthesis of antimony trioxide

Preparation of antimony trioxide

Alternative Names: Senarmontite; Diantimony trioxide; Valentinite; Exitelite; Timonox; Antox;

Preparation of antimony trioxide

Preparation of antimony trioxide

400 ml of water are added into an evaporating dish, and 200 g of pulverized antimony sulfate are added in cold while stirring well. 125 g of sodium carbonate dissolved in 2500 ml of water are added and obtained mixture is heated to boiling. The reaction proceeds and antimony trioxide is formed. The obtained precipitate of antimony trioxide is filtered and washed with hot water until free from sulfates. antimony trioxide. Finally, antimony trioxide is dried at a low temperature yielding the white powder.

Preparation of antimony trioxide from antimony trisulfide

Preparation of antimony trioxide from antimony trisulfide

Preparation of antimony trioxide from antimony trisulfide

A mixture of 425 ml of hydrochloric acid (d=1.180 g/ml) and 5 ml of nitric acids (d=1.34 g/ml) are placed into a 1000 ml flask. The acids mixture is heated heat to about 50° C, and 100 g of finely powdered antimony sulfide are added in small portions at a time. When all the antimony sulfide has been added and the evolution of hydrogen sulfide has become slow, the temperature is raised very gradually until the solution boils. The solution is boiled for an hour, adding boiling water from time to time as it evaporates, and keeping the contents of the flask at about 500 ml. Then the solution is transferred to an evaporating dish, and hot water is added until a very slight permornent turbidity appears in the solution. The solution is boiled additionally for five minutes, and filtered, and allowed to run into a large crock containing about 20 liters of cold water. A white “precipitate” of a basic oxychloride of antimony separates; which is allowed to settle, and decanted from the the clear water. The obtained antimony oxychloride is boiled several times with fresh water in portions of 2 liters each, and filtered while hot on the Buchner funnel after each boiling. This procedure decomposes the antimony oxychloride into the antimony trioxide. The obtained precipitate of antimony trioxide are washed several times by decantation until it gives no acid reaction and finally drained off the remaining water on a Buchner funnel with suction. Antimony trioxide is dried at a low temperature yielding the white powder.

Antimony trioxide is – a white amorphous powder, very slightly soluble in water and very readily soluble in hydrochloric acid, but not in nitric acid. It is volatile at a red heat.

Inorganic chemical preparations, by Thorp, Frank Hall, 70-71, 1896





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antimony trioxide

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Senarmontite, Diantimony trioxide, Valentinite, Exitelite, Timonox, Antox, Twinkling star, Antimony White, Thermoguard B, Thermoguard L, Thermoguard S, White star, Fireshield H, Antimonious oxide, Stibiox MS, Dechlorane A-O, Amspec-KR, Patox C, Patox H, Patox L, Patox M, Patox S, Atox B, Atox F, Atox R, Atox S, Antimony sesquioxide, FireShield LS-FR, Flowers of antimony, Timonox White Star, Microfine A 05, Octoguard FR 10, Flameguard VF 59, Chemetron fire shield, Antimony(3+) oxide, Flame Cut 610, Flame Cut 610R, Antimony Bloom 100A, Antimony Bloom 500A, CI Pigment white 11, Nyacol A 1510LP, Fireshield FSPO 405, LS-FR, Nyacol A 1530, Weisspiessglanz [German], AP 50 (metal oxide), C.I. Pigment White 11, Antimony trioxide production, AT 3 (fireproofing agent), AT 3B, MIC 3, CCRIS 4495, HSDB 436, LSB 80, UNII-P217481X5E, HM 203P, AP 50, NCI-C55152, A 1588LP, EINECS 215-175-0, AN 800, CI 77052, C.I. 77052, A 1582, diantimony(3+) ion trioxidandiide, Weisspiessglanz, oxygen(-2) anion, Antimony oxide (SB203), Antimony oxide (unspecified), antimony(3+); oxygen(2-), AC1L24K9, EINECS 215-474-6, P217481X5E, IN001948, IN008834, LS-21328, LS-144917, 3B4-1561, 10042-99-6, 12412-52-1, 12423-58-4, 1327-33-9, 154396-41-5, 178989-93-0, 212793-41-4, 97048-22-1, 97048-23-2

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Antimony oxide, ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE, Antimony oxide (Sb2O3), CID14794, 1309-64-4

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