Synthesis of antimony trichloride

Preparation of antimony trichloride

Alternative Names: Trichlorostibine; Antimony(III) chloride; Antimony chloride; Stibine, trichloro-;

Preparation of antimony trichloride

Preparation of antimony trichloride

182 ml of hydrochloric acid (d=1.18 g/ml) are placed into an evaporating dish, and warm slightly. Then 100 g of antimony trioxide are added, a little at a time. When all the antimony oxide is added, the dish is heated gently, and finally brought to boiling, until any excess of hydrochloric acid is driven out and a drop of solution crystallizes when cooled on a watch glass placed on ice. The obtained liquid is transferred to a distillation flask with a thermometer and distilled. The liquid first passing over is chiefly dilute hydrochloric acid, but after a time the temperature will rise to 200° C, and a drop of the distillate will solidify on a cold surface yielding pure antimony trichloride.

Antimony trichloride may also be prepared by reacting chlorine gas with metallic antimony. The obtained antimony trichloride is purified by distillation.

Inorganic chemical preparations, by Thorp, Frank Hall, 69-70, 1896

Preparation of antimony trichloride

Preparation of antimony trichloride

100 grams powdered antimony trisulfide are heated with 500 ml hydrochloric acid in a flask, gradually adding about 4 g potassium chloride. When the antimony trisulfide has completely dissolved, the solution is filtered from the sulphur through glass wool. The filtrate is distilled by collecting at first aqueous hydrochloric acid, then a concentrated antimony trichloride solution (a yellow color could be due impurities if iron chloride), finally nice white, pure antimony chloride, cooling in crystals, will pass over. Each of these products are collected separately. Antimony trichloride is purified by crystallization from carbon disulfide, yielding rhombic, glossy crystal, which melt at 73° C, boil at 223° C.

Antimony trichloride is a white or yellowish-white semisolid substance, very deliquescent. It decomposes in water but dissolves in alcohol unchanged. Its decomposition in water is prevented by the presence of a small quantity of hydrochloric acid.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 137-138, 1895





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