Synthesis of antimony sulfate

Preparation of antimony sulfate

Preparation of antimony sulfate

Preparation of antimony sulfate

20 g finely powdered antimony are added to 400 g of boiling concentrated sulfuric acid and boiled until antimony has dissolved. A part of the antimony sulfate crystallizes out of the hot solution, the rest upon the cooling of the liquid, in the form of small white needles. It is filtered washed twice with acetic acid, ether and dried in a vacuum desiccator over solid potassium or sodium hydroxide.

Alternatively anhydrous antimony sulfate could be prepared by dissolving the antimony trisulphide in boiling concentrated sulfuric acid. The antimony sulfate  is deposited as a fine, very deliquescent, white crystallized powder.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 139, 1895





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Antimony sulfate, Antimonous sulfate, Antimony trisulfate, Diantimony trisulfate, Diantimony tris(sulphate), Antimony(III) sulfate, Sulfuric acid, antimony salt, EINECS 231-207-6, ANTIMONY(III) SULFATE (2:3), 7446-32-4, ANTIMONYTARTRATE, antimony(3+) trisulfate, diantimony(3+) trisulfate, UNII-HN58C3HK0X, AC1L2N5B, HN58C3HK0X, 10783_ALDRICH, 10783_FLUKA, CTK9A3595, ANTIMONY SULFATE, Sb2(SO4)3, bis(|E6-antimony(3+) ion) trisulfate, LS-21342, 37316-80-6, 67291-51-4

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