Synthesis of antimony pentasulfide

Preparation of antimony pentasulfide

Antimony pentasulfide cannot be prepared directly from the Antimony trisulfide and sulfur. However, the higher sulfo-salt of antimony can be readily decomposed with a dilute acid, yielding antimony pentasulfide.

Preparation of antimony pentasulfide

Preparation of antimony pentasulfide

48 grams of sodium thioantimonate nonahydrate are dissolved in 1 liter of cold water. 350 ml of 30 % sulfuric acid are added slowly with constant stirring, to the solution of sodium thioantimonate prepared above. The formed precipitates are settled, the liquid is removed by decantation, and the obtained antimony pentasulfide is washed by decantation until the wash water no longer gives the test for a sulfate with barium chloride. The solid is left to settled for some time, the clear liquid should be removed as much as possible, the obtained sludge is transferred to a large plain filter. The sludge is left to drain for 12 hours or longer. Without removing the pasty antimony pentasulfide, it is dried at the temperature below 50° C. When the product is completely dry, the hardened lumps are detached from the filter paper and pulverized in a mortar. The obtained antimony pentasulfide is stored in a stoppered bottle.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 312-313, 1936





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antimony pentasulfide

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ANTIMONY PENTASULFIDE, Antimony(V) sulfide, Antimony Red, Antimonic sulfide, Antimonial saffron, Antimony sulfide golden, Golden antimony sulfide, Diantimony pentasulphide, Antimony sulfide (Sb2S5), EINECS 215-255-5, C.I. 77061, DSSTox_CID_26583, DSSTox_RID_81741, DSSTox_GSID_46583, 11133_RIEDEL, CHEMBL3186224, 11133_SIAL, Tox21_112382, AKOS015903589, LS-21330, CAS-1315-04-4, [(disulfanylidenestibanyl)sulfanyl]stibanedithione, 3B4-4284, I14-18091, 129680-26-8

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Antimony sulfide, UNII-1433F1I86N, NCGC00166263-01, 1315-04-4

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