Synthesis of allylmagnesium bromide

Preparation of allylmagnesium bromide

Preparation of allylmagnesium bromide

Preparation of allylmagnesium bromide

A solution of 60.5 g of allyl bromide in 285 ml of dry ether is added over a period of 2 hours to a mixture of 100 ml of dry ether and 72.9 g of magnesium powder (30-mesh). Rapid stirring is used during the addition. Titration of the resulting organometallic solution according to the procedure of J. Am. Chem. Soc., 45, 150 (1923), shows it to contain allylmagnesium bromide corresponding to a 90% yield. If ordinary magnesium turnings are substituted for the 30-mesh material used above, the yield is reduced to 79%.

Bull. Soc. Chim. France, (4), 43, 1325 (1928)





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Allylmagnesium bromide, AC1O1BTX, AC1L2LV0, AC1Q1U67, AR-1H6828, OR039477, magnesium bromide prop-2-en-1-ide (1:1:1)

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sJPDAbPpRUjP@, Magnesium Prop-1-ene Bromide, CID6093458, 1730-25-2, 17673-50-6

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