Synthesis of alizarin

Preparation of alizarin

Alternative Names: Alizarin Red; Mordant Red 11; 1,2-Dihydroxyanthraquinone; 1,2-dihydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione;

Preparation of alizarin

Preparation of alizarin

25 ml of water, 7.5 g sodium perchlorate (NaClO4 • H2O), 75 g potassium hydroxide and 25 g of anthraquinone are mixed in the 250 ml porcelain beaker, and the mixture was heated in an oil bath at 200 °C for 2 hours. The resulting melt upon cooling is dissolved in 100-150 ml of warm water. Through the obtained solution for 15 min. air is purged then water and an excess of line are added until no more precipitate forms. The released calcium salt of alizarin is filtered, suspended in water and it is decomposed by heating with excess hydrochloric acid. The hot solution was filtered and the precipitate was dissolved in 10% of sodium hydroxide solution. The solution was filtered, the filtrate was heated to boiling and alizarin was precipitated by adding hot dilute sulfuric acid (1:1). The mixture was refluxed for one hour, filtered and washed with hot water to remove sulfuric acid. Alizarin is dried in air and purified by sublimation at 300 °C in a sand bath between watchglass.

Синтезы органических реактивов для неорганического анализа, Л. М. Кульберга, 9-10, 1947. (Synthesis of organic reagents for inorganic analysis, by L. M. Koulberg, 9-10, 1947)





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1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinone, alizarin, alizarin red, alizarine

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Alizarin, Alizarin Red, 72-48-0, Mordant Red 11, 1,2-Dihydroxyanthraquinone, 1,2-dihydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione, Alizarin B, Turkey Red, 1,2-Anthraquinonediol, Alizarina, ALIZARINE, Alizarine Red, Eljon Madder, Alizarine B, Alizarine NAC, Alizerine NAC, Alizarine Red B, Alizarine Red L, 1,2-Dihydroxy-9,10-anthracenedione, Eljon Madder M, Alizarine 3B, Alizarine L paste, Alizarine Red IP, Turkey Red W, Alizarine indicator, Alizarine Red B2, Certiqual Alizarine, Mitsui Alizarine B, 1,2-Dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone, Alizarine Red IPP, Alizerine Red IPP, Sanyo Carmine L2B, Mitsui Alizarine BS, Certiqual Alizarine D, Alizarine Lake Red 2P, Alizarine Lake Red 3P, Alizarine Lake Red IPX, C.I. Mordant Red 11, C.I. Pigment Red 83, Pigment red 83, C.I. Mordant Red 11C, C.I. Pigment Red 83C, 1,2-Dihydroxyanthra-9,10-quinone, D And C Orange Number 15, D and C Orange Number 15D, Deep Crimson Madder 10821, Deep Crimson Madder 10821E, crimson madder, rose madder, Rubia, alizarin crimson, 9,10-Anthracenedione, 1,2-dihydroxy-, 1,2-Dihydroxyanthrachinon, Alizarine Paste 20 percent Bluish, C.I. 58000, 1,2-Dihydroxy-anthraquinone, Alizarine paste 20% bluish, Alizarinprimeveroside, C.I. 58000C, Anthraquinone, 1,2-dihydroxy-, Turkey Red (VAN), CHEBI:16866, NSC7212, D and C Orange No. 15, 1,2-Dihydroxy anthraquinone, UNII-60MEW57T9G, CHEMBL55814, CCRIS 3530, RGCKGOZRHPZPFP-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 1,2-Dihydroxyanthrachinon [Czech], NSC 7212, EINECS 200-782-5, DIHYDROXY-9,10-ANTHRACENEDIONE, BRN 1914037, 1,10-Anthracenedione, 2,9-dihydroxy-, NCGC00095227-01, CI 58000, AI3-18244, DSSTox_CID_25960, DSSTox_RID_81256, DSSTox_GSID_45960, 1,2-dihydroxy-9,10-dihydroanthracene-9,10-dione, Az, CAS-72-48-0, 1322-60-7, 140861-55-8, Hystazarin, Pincoffin, Turkey ree, Sanyo Carmine l2BT, ACMC-20mzub, ATHRAQUINONES A, Spectrum_000386, SpecPlus_000320, 9, 1,2-dihydroxy-, Spectrum2_000397, Spectrum3_000262, Spectrum4_001555, Spectrum5_000150, Epitope ID:116187, AC1L1M7L, SCHEMBL18614, BSPBio_001704, CBDivE_014227, KBioGR_002050, KBioSS_000866, SPECTRUM210850, MLS002207283, Mordant red 11, Alizarin e, ARONIS27045, DivK1c_006416, SPBio_000613, 32612_RIEDEL, 60MEW57T9G, 05560_FLUKA, CTK0F1107, CTK0I0351, KBio1_001360, KBio2_000866, KBio2_003434, KBio2_006002, KBio3_001204, MolPort-001-783-920, 9,10-Anthracenedione, dihydroxy-, BB_NC-0489, HMS1923C03, 122777_SIAL, 333174_SIAL, NSC-7212, Tox21_111486, ANW-36201, BBL027327, BDBM50206434, CCG-38668, SBB006481, STK801841, ZINC03860973, Rubia, alizarin crimson, 72-48-0, AKOS001639988, Tox21_111486_1, 1,2-Dihydroxyanthra-9,10-quinone #, LN: L C666 BV IVJ EQ FQ1, MCULE-9793510419, NE55861, RP28423, RTR-023675, SDCCGMLS-0066502.P001, NCGC00095227-02, NCGC00095227-03, NCGC00095227-04, NCGC00095227-06, 1,2-bis(oxidanyl)anthracene-9,10-dione, AC-11708, AJ-46098, AK114182, AN-23813, L933, LS-20667, NCI60_041501, PL038076, PL040277, SMR001306798, ST055352, KB-149212, TL8005063, TR-023675, 4CH-011256, D0242, FT-0621965, ST24020924, C01474, 4-08-00-03256 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), A837539, AE-641/00185064, I14-16575, 3B3-033675, 2,9-DIHYDROXY-1,10-DIHYDROANTHRACENE-1,10-DIONE, 1328-02-5, 84754-86-9, InChI=1/C14H8O4/c15-10-6-5-9-11(14(10)18)13(17)8-4-2-1-3-7(8)12(9)16/h1-6,15,18

Removed Synonyms

Dihydroxyanthraquinone, 1,10-anthraquinone, Anthraquinone,2-dihydroxy-, CID6293, C010078

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