Synthesis of acrylamide

Preparation of acrylamide

Preparation of acrylamide

Preparation of acrylamide

100 g of acrylyl chloride is dissolved in 1 liter of benzene, and dry ammonia gas is bubbled through the solution until it no longer has the odor of the acid chloride. The precipitated solid is filtered off and recrystallized from hot benzene to give 62 g (80%) of acrylamide, m.p. 84-85°C.

J.Org. Chem., 9, 507 (1944).





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ACRYLAMIDE, 2-Propenamide, prop-2-enamide, 79-06-1, Propenamide, Acrylic amide, Ethylenecarboxamide, Akrylamid, Acrylic acid amide, Vinyl amide, 2-Propeneamide, Propeneamide, Acrylagel, Optimum, Acrylamide solution, Amresco Acryl-40, Ethylene Carboxamide, Propenoic acid amide, Akrylamid [Czech], RCRA waste number U007, Amide propenoic acid, POLYACRYLAMIDE, Amid kyseliny akrylove, Polystolon, Polystoron, Porisutoron, CCRIS 7, Flokonit E, Aminogen PA, Acrylamide Monome, Flygtol GB, Acrylamide polymer, Stipix AD, Superfloc 84, Cytame 5, Polyhall 27, Sursolan P 5, Polyacrylamide resin, Solvitose 433, Sumitex A 1, Superfloc 900, Cyanamer P 35, Gelamide 250, Nacolyte 673, Polyhall 402, Versicol W 11, Magnafloc R 292, Sumirez A 17, Sumirez A 27, Amid kyseliny akrylove [Czech], Aerofloc 3453, Cyanamer P 250, Praestol 2800, Himoloc SS 200, Propenoic acid, amide, Sanpoly A 520, Polyacrylamide solution, Stokopol D 2624, Bio-Gel P 2, Reten 420, American Cyanamid KPAM, BioGel P-100, K-PAM, NSC 7785, Acrylamide solution (50% or less), American Cyanamid P-250, RCRA waste no. U007, Dow ET 597, UNII-20R035KLCI, Taloflote, Pamid, HSDB 191, 1-carbamoylethyl, CHEBI:28619, Acrylamide Monomer, NSC7785, HRPVXLWXLXDGHG-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Acrylamide polymers, Acrylamide [UN2074] [Poison], Acrylamide, polymer, PAM (polymer), EINECS 201-173-7, Acrylamide, polymers, UN2074, Acrylamide homopolymer, Himoloc OK 507, Percol 720, BRN 0605349, PAA 1 (homopolymer), J 100 (polymer), P 250 (polymer), DSSTox_CID_27, AI3-04119, K 4 (acrylic polymer), PAARK 123sh, 2-Propenamide, homopolymer, DSSTox_RID_75328, PAA-1, Dow J 100, DSSTox_GSID_20027, PAA 70L, AAM, ACRYLAMIDE, ULTRA PURE, PAM-50, Q 41F, AP 273, ET 597, CAS-79-06-1, J 100, P 250, P 300, acrylarnide, acryl amide, Amide propenoate, poly(acrylamide), acryloic acid amide, 1HC, ACMC-209twd, CH2CHCONH2, AC1L1MUG, bmse000392, WLN: ZV1U1, KSC378C2B, A3553_SIGMA, A4058_SIGMA, A5934_SIGMA, A8887_SIGMA, A9099_SIGMA, Acrylamide_RamanathanGurudeeban, BIDD:ER0629, 20R035KLCI, 434930_ALDRICH, 434949_ALDRICH, AC1Q4Z46, AC1Q4Z47, CHEMBL348107, GTPL4553, 01696_FLUKA, 01697_FLUKA, 01698_FLUKA, 23701_FLUKA, CTK2H8120, HMDB04296, 2-+/-uI(c)o pound degrees ., BIA6532, Acrylamide [UN2074] [Poison], MolPort-001-792-135, 2-Propenamide; Acrylic acid amide, ZINC901075, NSC-7785, Tox21_201526, Tox21_300145, AN-285, ANW-43019, NSC116573, NSC116574, NSC116575, NSC118185, STL282727, ZINC00901075, AKOS000120965, LS-1769, MCULE-4309430654, NE10544, NSC-116573, NSC-116574, NSC-116575, NSC-118185, RP18298, RTR-037844, TRA0069097, UN 2074, NCGC00090736-01, NCGC00090736-02, NCGC00090736-03, NCGC00090736-04, NCGC00090736-05, NCGC00253932-01, NCGC00259076-01, AJ-24334, AK105879, CJ-04528, H354, OR034583, OR341834, OR341835, SC-18212, ZB015242, AB1002038, ST2412619, TR-037844, A0139, FT-0661414, FT-0688081, C01659, 12150-EP2269995A1, 12150-EP2272849A1, 12150-EP2275414A1, 12150-EP2277875A2, 12150-EP2280274A2, 12150-EP2282200A2, 12150-EP2289483A1, 12150-EP2289896A1, 12150-EP2292234A1, 12150-EP2292593A2, 12150-EP2292595A1, 12150-EP2295407A1, 12150-EP2298312A1, 12150-EP2298736A1, 12150-EP2298761A1, 12150-EP2302003A1, 12150-EP2305808A1, 12150-EP2309584A1, 12150-EP2311840A1, 12150-EP2316974A1, 154192-EP2272516A2, 154192-EP2284169A1, 154192-EP2287161A1, 154192-EP2287162A1, A839565, 3B4-3150, I05-0489, I14-2748, I14-11800, BC269F2E-D242-48E1-87E4-E51DB86FF0A8, InChI=1/C3H5NO/c1-2-3(4)5/h2H,1H2,(H2,4,5, 1198293-68-3

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Propenoate, Propenoic acid, 2-Propenenitrile, Rhizophora mucronata, Acrylamide-1-13C, GC-MS, PAA-25, +/-uI(c)Eao pound degrees ., CID6579, c0149, A0140, A1132, A2625, 4-02-00-01471 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), D020106, 9003-05-8, 107-13-1, PAM

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