Synthesis of acetyl peroxide

Preparation of acetyl peroxide

Preparation of acetyl peroxide

Preparation of acetyl peroxide

Acetyl peroxide is very dangerous and must be prepared and handled with extreme caution! A mixture of 20 g of acetic anhydride, 100 ml of ether, and 10 g of sodium peroxide is cooled to -15 °, and 35 g of finely crushed ice is added over a 10-minute period with vigorous agitation. The ice must be added very slowly at first. Agitation is continued for 10 minutes, and the ethereal layer is separated and dried over calcium chloride. The solution is allowed to stand at room temperature until the ether has evaporated. The residual crystalline solid is washed with a small amount of ether. The resulting product weighs 9 g or 59% with melting point 26-27 ° C.

Ber., 42, 4010 (1909); J. Chem. Soc., 1928, 2041.


acetyl ethaneperoxoate



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Peroxide, diacetyl, Acetyl peroxide, DIACETYL PEROXIDE, Diacetylperoxide, Peroyl A, 110-22-5, acetyl ethaneperoxoate, HSDB 298, NSC 669, EINECS 203-748-8, BRN 1753975, Acetyl peroxide, not >25% in solution (UN2084) (DO), Acetyl peroxide, solid, or >25% in solution [Forbidden], Diacetyl peroxide, solid, or >25% in solution [Forbidden], acetylperoxide, ethanoyl peroxide, acetyl peroxyacetate, ethanoyl ethaneperoxoate, peracetic acid acetyl ester, AC1L1Q4L, WLN: 1VOOV1, UNII-FDU6Y8075A, SCHEMBL25442, FDU6Y8075A, NSC669, CTK0H8791, NSC-669, ZQMIGQNCOMNODD-UHFFFAOYSA-N, AKOS006274339, DIACETYL PEROXIDE, 25% IN DMP, AN-22592, LS-13965, FT-0693201, Acetyl peroxide, solid, or >25% in solution, Diacetyl peroxide, solid, or >25% in solution, 4-02-00-00392 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

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