Synthesis of 8-aminolepidine

Preparation of 8-aminolepidine

Preparation of 8-aminolepidine

Preparation of 8-aminolepidine

A solution of 5 g. of 8-nitrolepidine in 100 ml. of ethanol at 75° is shaken with hydrogen at 45 lb. pressure in the presence of Raney nickel catalyst. After absorption of hydrogen is complete, the solution is filtered to remove catalyst and the filtrate is evaporated and diluted with water. The precipitated product is recrystallized from benzene to give 3.5 g. (83%) of 8-aminolepidine, m.p. 84°.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 63, 2865 (1941).





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4-methylquinolin-8-amine, 8-Amino-4-methylquinoline, 8-Aminolepidine, 62748-01-0, 8-Quinolinamine, 4-methyl-, 4-Methyl-8-quinolinamine, 4-Methyl-8-aminoquinoline, JRIMCEIADALFEE-UHFFFAOYSA-N, SBB040170, NSC118960, AC1L3YDX, 4-methyl-8-quinolylamine, 8-Amino-4-methylqunoline, AC1Q4WS3, 4-Methyl-8-quinolinamine #, SCHEMBL4640797, CHEMBL1890904, CTK6C3157, MolPort-000-165-136, ZINC1440381, 4-METHYL-QUINOLIN-8-YLAMINE, AR-1H4355, ZINC01440381, AKOS000268625, MCULE-2290391542, NSC-118960, PS-4002, RP02036, NCGC00188240-01, AJ-26101, AK126245, HE034067, HE368545, KB-86454, DB-073185, Y9660, A18996, A3235/0137378

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CID97374, 63815-75-8

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