Synthesis of 4-iodo-m-xylene

Preparation of 4-iodo-m-xylene

Preparation of 4-iodo-m-xylene

Preparation of 4-iodo-m-xylene

10 g of meta-xylene are dissolved in 80 ml of ligroin, and the obtained solution is poured on to 120 ml of nitric acid (d=1.34 g/cm3). 20 g of powdered sulfur iodide are then added and the reaction is heated under a reflux for 3-4 hours. The organic layer is then separated, washed with dilute solution of NaOH, and the ligroin evaporated. The residue is steam-distilled, and the oil which comes over collected and redistilled over a little solid K2CO3 yielding 75 % of 4-iodo-m-xylene which is colorless oil with boiling point of 220° C.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 58-59, 1912





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4-Iodo-m-xylene, 1-Iodo-2,4-dimethylbenzene, 4214-28-2, 2,4-Dimethyliodobenzene, 1,3-Dimethyl-4-iodobenzene, m-Xylene, 4-iodo-, Benzene, 1-iodo-2,4-dimethyl-, 2,4-dimethyl-1-iodobenzene, 2-iodo-1,5-dimethylbenzene, BUNKQJAMHYKQIM-UHFFFAOYSA-N, NSC3780, PubChem3869, ACMC-209jnr, AC1Q2HZS, AC1Q4PJB, 4-IODO-META-XYLENE, KSC494S3H, 4-Iodo-1,3-dimethyl benzene, m-Xylene, 4-iodo- (8CI), AC1L2U12, SCHEMBL1010343, 1-iodanyl-2,4-dimethyl-benzene, CTK3J4933, MolPort-000-156-517, EBD11433, NSC 3780, NSC-3780, EINECS 224-141-4, ANW-29749, AR-1J6930, ZINC01672849, AKOS009158933, AS02153, RTR-016545, VZ34390, AJ-29269, AK144799, CJ-27203, KB-72605, SC-04410, DB-050856, KB-230979, TR-016545, FT-0618795, I0561, ST51051994, Y-9933, A825787, 3B3-050064, InChI=1/C8H9I/c1-6-3-4-8(9)7(2)5-6/h3-5H,1-2H, 1-Iodo-2,4-dimethylbenzene; 1,3-Dimethyl-4-iodobenzene; 4-Iodo-m-xylene

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Benzene,4-dimethyl-, CID77885, 4542-56-7

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