Synthesis of 4-bromoanisole

Preparation of 4-bromoanisole

Preparation of 4-bromoanisole by bromination anisole with bromine

Preparation of 4-bromoanisole

Preparation of 4-bromoanisole

To the round bottom flask equipped with a dropping funnel and reflux condenser 22 g (0.2 mol) of anisole were placed. The flask was heated to a gentle boiling and slowly from a dropping funnel 32 g (0.2 mol) of bromine were added at a such rate that, after addition of one drop of bromine the color disappeared after a few seconds (the disappearance of the bromine color occurs in the gas phase above the boiling liquid). After adding all bromine mixture was heated for a further 15 minutes, then cooled and added 100 ml of ether. The ether solution was transferred to a separatory funnel, washed with dilute sodium hydroxide solution, then with water, dried over anhydrous calcium chloride and filtered. The ether was removed, and the residue is distilled, taking a fraction boiling at 213-223° C. Yield about 23 g (or 60% of the theoretical). 4-bromoanisole, heavy liquid with a characteristic odor. The boiling point may differ depending on the synthesis procedure used fort he preparation 4-bromoanisole  (213-216 ° C or 223 ° C); 4-bromoanisole obtained as described above boils at 215-216 °, melting point 11.5 °, nD=1.5605.

4-Bromoanisole are obtained by bromination with bromine in a solution of anisole in solution of carbon disulfide, acetic acid or chlorofor. Bromination is also performed with phosphorus pentabromide.

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4-BROMOANISOLE, 1-Bromo-4-methoxybenzene, 104-92-7, p-Bromoanisole, Benzene, 1-bromo-4-methoxy-, 4-Methoxybromobenzene, Anisyl bromide, p-Anisyl bromide, Anisole, p-bromo-, p-Bromanisole, p-Methoxyphenyl bromide, 4-Methoxyphenyl bromide, p-Bromophenyl methyl ether, p-Methoxybromobenzene, 4-Methoxy-1-bromobenzene, 4-Bromoanisol, 4-bromo anisole, 1-bromo-4-methoxy-benzene, 4-BROMO ANISOL, NSC 8042, 4-bromo-1-methoxybenzene, BROMOANISOLE(4-), QJPJQTDYNZXKQF-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-252-1, SBB060208, AI3-01295, PARAGOS 530458, OTAVA-BB 1287415, LABOTEST-BB LTBB001561, 4bromoanisole, p-bromoanisol, p-bromo anisole, p-bromo-anisole, para-bromoanisole, parabromo-anisole, 4-bromo-anisole, 4-anisyl bromide, p-Bromomethoxybenzene, 4-bromomethoxybenzene, PubChem3726, 4-methoxy-bromobenzene, ACMC-1BPJE, 4-bromophenyl methyl ether, 1-bromo-4-methoxy benzene, AC1L1PF6, AC1Q49HF, SCHEMBL9301, B56501_ALDRICH, 1-bromanyl-4-methoxy-benzene, KSC177G3P, UNII-U430F901J9, CHEBI:47257, CTK0H7337, NSC8042, MolPort-001-768-360, ACT04984, NSC-8042, STR04213, ANW-15145, BR1023, ZINC00404306, AKOS000119001, AS02358, AS04200, PS-5119, RP24698, RTC-060531, TF10501, U430F901J9, AJ-22314, AK-59802, AN-24697, BC676620, BR-59802, CJ-03999, KB-37335, LS-20206, SC-00205, KB-240439, ST2408729, TC-060531, TL8000193, AM20020130, B0547, FT-0081674, FT-0612055, FT-0617854, ST50406339, A801100, I01-0457, InChI=1/C7H7BrO/c1-9-7-4-2-6(8)3-5-7/h2-5H,1H

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bromoanisole, CID7730, BOP

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