Synthesis of 3-methoxybenzyl alcohol

Preparation of 3-methoxybenzyl alcohol

Alternative Names: (3-Methoxyphenyl)methanol; m-Methoxybenzyl alcohol; m-Anisyl alcohol; 3-Anise alcohol;

Preparation of 3-methoxybenzyl alcohol

Preparation of 3-methoxybenzyl alcohol

40 g of m-methoxybenzaldehyde, 200 ml of ethanol, 0.2 g of freshly prepared Adams catalyst (Adams platinum oxide catalyst) and 2 ml of 0.1M iron sulfate solution are placed in the flask of an Adams hydrogenation apparatus. Shaking is begun at 3 atm; hydrogen uptake (0.294 mole) reaches the theoretical value in 10 min. The catalyst can be used for a second and third reduction, although absorption of hydrogen is then slower. The alcohol is removed under diminished pressure and the residual 3-methoxybenzyl alcohol is distilled in a vacuum under nitrogen. 3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol has b.p. 150° C/25mm. The yield is quantitative.

J . Amer. Chem. Soc, 62, 1480 (1940).





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3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol, (3-Methoxyphenyl)methanol, 6971-51-3, m-Methoxybenzyl alcohol, m-Anisyl alcohol, 3-Anise alcohol, 3-Anisyl alcohol, 3-Methoxybenzylalcohol, Benzenemethanol, 3-methoxy-, IIGNZLVHOZEOPV-UHFFFAOYSA-N, SBB063359, (3-methoxyphenyl)methan-1-ol, m-Anisylalcohol, PubChem3095, M-ANISE ALCOHOL, ACMC-209oam, AC1L31BX, AC1Q4E3O, (3-methoxy-phenyl)-methanol, SCHEMBL96382, (3-Methoxyphenyl)methanol #, M11006_ALDRICH, KSC498A4P, UNII-I1XC3698N5, [3-(methyloxy)phenyl]methanol, AC1Q56H2, CHEBI:1580, RARECHEM AL BD 0060, CTK3J8047, MolPort-001-759-242, OTAVA-BB 1778904, I1XC3698N5, ACT04675, EBD16359, NSC66559, EINECS 230-200-5, ANW-35756, AR-1J6787, NSC-66559, ZINC00391173, AKOS000120323, AM87152, AS00566, MCULE-7469307533, RL04664, VZ27042, AC-10897, AJ-21049, AK106250, CJ-03478, KB-32524, OR000822, OR163398, ZB011978, AB0012425, DB-013484, RT-004203, ST2414280, TL8004900, A9220, FT-0615993, M1101, ST51028298, C03352, M-3348, A837274, I01-1399, T5373192, 3B3-001942, InChI=1/C8H10O2/c1-10-8-4-2-3-7(5-8)6-9/h2-5,9H,6H2,1H

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