Synthesis of 3-methyl-2-heptanol

Preparation of 3-methyl-2-heptanol

Alternative Names: 2-heptanol, 3-methyl-; 3-methylheptan-2-ol;

Preparation of 3-methyl-2-heptanol (2-heptanol, 3-methyl-; 3-methylheptan-2-ol)

Preparation of 3-methyl-2-heptanol (2-heptanol, 3-methyl-; 3-methylheptan-2-ol)

A solution of 64 g 3-methyl-2-heptanone dissolved in 300 ml ether are added to a suspension of 100 g sodium hydrogen carbonate dissolved in 300 ml water. The mixture is treated, with cooling, with small portions of 40 g sodium, the reaction mixture is vigorously shaken after each fresh addition of sodium. After all sodium has been added the ethereal solution is separated by means of the separatory funnel and dried, the ether is removed by evaporation. The residue of crude 3-methyl-2-heptanol is distilled in a vacuum collecting fraction boiling at 172-173° C. The yield of 3-methyl-2-heptanol is 77% (50 g).

S. G. Powell, J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 46, 2514 (1924); S. G. Powell; F. Hagemann, J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 66, 372 (1944);





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3-METHYL-2-HEPTANOL, 2-Heptanol, 3-methyl-, 3-methylheptan-2-ol, 31367-46-1, NSC92762, AC1L1UF4, AC1Q2V82, SCHEMBL1657122, CTK1C3460, SZERMVMTUUAYML-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 7994AF, LMFA05000479, NSC 92762, NSC-92762, AKOS011020296, MCULE-2881990446, 2-Heptanol, 3-methyl- (8CI)(9CI), KB-32710, FT-0692221, 3B3-061541

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CID35784, 597-96-6

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