Synthesis of 3-aminophenol

Preparation of 3-aminophenol

Preparation of 3-aminophenol

Preparation of 3-aminophenol

The autoclave is charged with 200 g of resorcinol, 120 g of ammonium chloride, and 400 ml of 10 % aqueous ammonia. The mixture is heated in an autoclave at 220° C until the pressure reaches a constant value, (usually the heating is continued for 14 hours). The reaction temperature and heating time has great influence on the yield as the yield decreases if the heating in a lower temperature or a shorter period is applied. After the reaction is complete the autoclave is cooled the mixture is concentrated to dryness by evaporating in vacuum. The residue is dissolved in 650-750 ml of hot distilled water, and allowed to cool again. 90-100 g of crude 3-aminophenol separate on standing in the cold. The filtrate is treated with concentrated hydrochloric acid and extracted several times with ether in order to remove unchanged resorcinol. The aqueous liquor is then treated with an excess of ammonia yielding an additional 30-35 g of 3-aminophenol. The crude 3-aminophenol is purified by recrystalization from water, yielding 115 g sandy crystals melting at 123° C.

An advanced laboratory manual of organic chemistry, M. Heidelberger, 28-29, 1923





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3-aminophenol, 3-aminophenol acetate, 3-aminophenol hydrochloride, 3-aminophenol monopotassium salt, 3-aminophenol monosodium salt, 3-aminophenol sulfate, m-aminophenol, meta-aminophenol

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3-Aminophenol, M-AMINOPHENOL, 591-27-5, m-Hydroxyaniline, 3-Hydroxyaniline, Phenol, 3-amino-, 3-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene, 1-Amino-3-hydroxybenzene, Fouramine EG, Futramine EG, Fourrine EG, Pelagol EG, Tertral EG, Furro EG, Renal EG, Ursol EG, Fourrine 65, Zoba EG, Nako TEG, Phenol, m-amino-, BASF ursol EG, m-Hydroxyphenylamine, m-Hydroxyaminobenzene, m-Aminofenol, 3-amino-phenol, C.I. Oxidation Base 7, m-Aminofenol [Czech], CI Oxidation Base 7, C.I. 76545, NSC 1546, UNII-L3WTS6QT82, CCRIS 4145, CHEBI:28924, HSDB 2586, CWLKGDAVCFYWJK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 209-711-2, CI 76545, AI3-14871, meta-aminophenol, m-amino-phenol, m-Amino phenol, 3-amino phenol, 3-hydroxy-aniline, 3-hydroxybenzenamine, ZINC00157527, AMINOPHENOL-3, PubChem18119, 5-AMINO-PHENOL, PHENOL,3-AMINO, META AMINO PHENOL, AC1L1XMR, AC1Q7AKB, DSSTox_CID_4497, WLN: ZR CQ, AC1Q51QS, ACMC-1B14M, DSSTox_RID_77427, L3WTS6QT82, DSSTox_GSID_24497, SCHEMBL35586, 51-81-0 (hydrochloride), MLS002415740, UN 2512 (Salt/Mix), BIDD:ER0564, BIDD:GT0645, 100242_ALDRICH, 36684_RIEDEL, CHEMBL269755, 09130_FLUKA, 36684_FLUKA, NSC1546, 68239-81-6 (sulfate), MolPort-001-790-594, BB_SC-7384, HMS3039L12, LABOTEST-BB LTBB000485, ACT07279, NSC-1546, STR01006, Tox21_200706, ANW-33166, BBL011987, LS-256, m-Aminophenol [UN2512] [Poison], SBB059791, STK258727, AKOS000118984, m-Aminophenol [UN2512] [Poison], AS00213, MCULE-7576733778, NE10511, PS-9279, RP18926, NCGC00091247-01, NCGC00091247-02, NCGC00258260-01, 38171-54-9 (mono-hydrochloride salt), AJ-15049, AK109174, AN-21535, CAS-591-27-5, CJ-01679, KB-86271, SC-18440, SMR001370906, ZB006713, DB-024153, ST2410473, TL8003775, TR-032614, A0383, FT-0615052, FT-0654075, ST45255313, C05058, 75925-EP2281563A1, 75925-EP2305808A1, 75925-EP2308880A1, I01-4370, T6060444, 3B3-034687, F3228-0191, InChI=1/C6H7NO/c7-5-2-1-3-6(8)4-5/h1-4,8H,7H

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3-aminophenol acetate, 3-Aminophenol sulfate, 3-Aminophenol hydrochloride, 3-aminophenol monosodium salt, 3-aminophenol monopotassium salt, UN2512, CID11568, C055528

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