Synthesis of 2-heptanol

Preparation of 2-heptanol

Preparation of 2-heptanol (methyl amyl carbinol; methyl n-amyl carbinol)

Preparation of 2-heptanol (methyl amyl carbinol; methyl n-amyl carbinol)

A mixture of 140 ml (or 114 g) of 2-heptanone (methyl n-amyl ketone), 300 ml of 95% ethyl alcohol and 100 ml of water are placed in a 2000 ml three-necked flask. An efficient reflux condenser, a thermometer dipping into the liquid is fitted to the flask. 65 grams of clean sodium, preferably in the form of wire although small pieces may be used with somewhat inferior results, gradually added at such a rate that the reaction is under control. The reaction flask is cooled in running water or in ice during the addition of sodium. Also, during the addition of sodium the temperature should not rise above 30° C. When the sodium has completely reacted, 1 liter of water is added and the mixture is cooled to about 15° C. The upper layer is separated, washed with 25 ml of dilute hydrochloric acid (1:1), then with 25 ml of water, and dried with anhydrous potassium carbonate or anhydrous calcium sulfate. The crude 2-heptanol is purified by distillation through an efficient fractionating column and collecting the fraction boiling at 156-158° C. The yield of 2-heptanol is 75 grams.

A text book of practical organic chemistry, by A. I. Vogel, 254-255, 1974





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2-HEPTANOL, Heptan-2-ol, 543-49-7, s-Heptyl alcohol, 2-Hydroxyheptane, 2-Heptyl alcohol, Amyl methyl carbinol, Heptanol-2, Methyl amyl carbinol, 1-Methylhexanol, Heptyl alcohol, sec-, 2-Heptanol (natural), 2-Heptanol, (R)-, 2-Heptanol, (S)-, NSC 2220, FEMA No. 3288, CETWDUZRCINIHU-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 208-844-3, Methyl pentyl carbinol, BRN 1719088, AI3-11263, 52390-72-4, sec-Heptanol, Amylmethylcarbinol, d-2-Heptanol, Methylpentylcarbinol, n-Heptan-2-ol, ACMC-20apgw, PubChem3094, AC1L1WCW, ACMC-1AN3H, H3003_ALDRICH, DSSTox_CID_27158, DSSTox_RID_82159, CH3(CH2)4CHOHCH3, DSSTox_GSID_47158, SCHEMBL22896, KSC184S5D, W328804_ALDRICH, AC1Q76O0, CHEMBL449522, WLN: QY5&1, 51800_FLUKA, CTK0I4951, NSC2220, MolPort-001-759-307, ACN-S002393, NSC-2220, NSC88869, STR03657, Tox21_302517, ANW-32046, NSC-88869, AKOS009156443, LS-2782, OR10120, RL04027, TRA0000034, TRA0046355, NCGC00256893-01, AK106236, AN-21354, CAS-543-49-7, SC-81258, KB-171972, RT-000373, FT-0605144, FT-0605316, FT-0612483, 3-01-00-01685 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), A832694, A832695, I14-4185, I14-4186, S14-1137, I14-10602, 3B3-023630, 3B3-024200, InChI=1/C7H16O/c1-3-4-5-6-7(2)8/h7-8H,3-6H2,1-2H, 28929-85-3

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(S)-(+)-2-Heptanol, Norpipanone hydrobromide, (R)-(-)-2-Heptanol, CID10976, H0034, 6033-23-4, 6033-24-5

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