Synthesis of 2-chloroethyl propyl ketone

Preparation of 2-chloroethyl propyl ketone

Alternative Names: 1-chloro-3-hexanone; 3-Hexanone, 1-chloro-; 1-CHLOROHEXAN-3-ONE;

158 g of powdered aluminium chloride are added in 30 min, with stirring, to 126 g of butyryl chloride cooled in ice-salt, and stirring is continued for 50 min thereafter. Then dry ethylene is led in to the mixture at 20° C until the weight increase amounts to 33 g and the reaction mixture is stirred for a further 30 min at 20° C. Working up is by addition of ice, extraction with chloroform, and distillation, giving an 80 % yield of 2-chloroethyl propyl ketone, b.p. 67-68°/11 mm.

J. Chem. Soc, 1946, 52.





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1-chloro-3-hexanone, 3-Hexanone, 1-chloro-, 1-CHLOROHEXAN-3-ONE, SCHEMBL9362062, CTK1B2117, SSOSIXCDKKBXMG-UHFFFAOYSA-N, ZINC39650527, AKOS006387323, LP026372, 32831-00-8

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