Synthesis of (2-bromoethyl)benzene

Preparation of (2-bromoethyl)benzene

Preparation of (2-bromoethyl)benzene

Preparation of (2-bromoethyl)benzene

With cooling, 1 mole of the 2-phenylethanol is treated first with 0.5 mole of concentrated sulfuric acid and then with 1.25 mole of hydrogen bromide (in the form of the 48%, constant-boiling, acid), and the obtained mixture is boiled for 6 hours under reflux. Then it is steam-distilled and the (2-bromoethyl)benzene is separated off in the separating funnel. The obtained crude (2-bromoethyl)benzene is twice shaken carefully with about one-fifth of its volume of cold concentrated sulfuric acid or the same volume of concentrated hydrochloric acid in the separating funnel to dissolve the ether produced as a by-product. Then crude (2-bromoethyl)benzene is washed with water then it is freed from acid with sodium bicarbonate solution, washed again with water, dried over calcium chloride, and distilled through a 20-cm Vigreux column. The yield of (2-bromoethyl)benzene is 70%, n20/D 1.556; b.p. 220-221 °C; b.p. 98 °C/14 mm; d=1.355 g/mL at 25 °C.

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(2-BROMOETHYL)BENZENE, Phenethyl bromide, 103-63-9, 2-Phenylethyl bromide, 1-Bromo-2-phenylethane, Benzene, (2-bromoethyl)-, Phenylethyl bromide, 2-Phenethyl bromide, Bromoethylbenzene, 2-Phenyl-1-bromoethane, beta-Bromoethylbenzene, .beta.-Bromoethylbenzene, Polystyrene A-Br, 3-Bromoethylbenzene, 2-Bromoethyl)benzene, Benzene, bromoethyl-, .beta.-Phenethyl bromide, NSC 33926, (2-Bromoethyl)polystyrene, .beta.-Phenylethyl bromide, Phenylethyl bromide (VAN), 2-(BROMOETHYL)BENZENE, HSDB 5352, WMPPDTMATNBGJN-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-130-8, AI3-11264, phenethylbromide, phenethyl bromine, phenylethylbromide, 2-bromoethylbenzen, 2-phenylethylbromide, (2bromoethyl)benzene, 2-bromo-ethylbenzene, 2-bromoethyl benzene, 2-bromoethyl-benzene, beta-phenylethylbromide, (2-phenyl)bromoethane, 1-(bromoethyl)benzene, 2-phenyl ethyl bromide, 2-phenyl-ethyl bromide, ar-Monobromoethylbenzene, (2-bromo ethyl)benzene, (2-bromoethyl) benzene, 1-phenyl-2-bromoethane, 2-(bromo-ethyl)benzene, 2-(bromoethyl)-benzene, (2-Bromoethyl)-benzene, (2-bromo-ethyl)-benzene, ACMC-1BQ3U, 2-phenyl-1-ethyl bromide, AC1L1PA3, AC1Q27TI, SCHEMBL1552, DSSTox_CID_13876, DSSTox_RID_79100, 1-(2-bromo-ethyl)-benzene, DSSTox_GSID_33876, B65780_ALDRICH, KSC174Q4D, MLS001055470, 81535_ALDRICH, Jsp000371, CHEMBL1340745, 81535_FLUKA, CTK0H4841, MolPort-000-151-983, BB_SC-6958, HMS3039C09, UNII-96O442668X, NSC 6534, NSC33926, STR01487, ZINC1665971, EINECS 250-734-2, Tox21_200102, ANW-14941, AR-1C5119, BBL027290, NSC-33926, SBB059945, ZINC01665971, AKOS005216002, AN-6149, MCULE-6003855472, RP24508, RTR-000846, NCGC00090999-01, NCGC00090999-02, NCGC00257656-01, AJ-29009, AK-54085, BC203736, BP-30043, CAS-103-63-9, CJ-06049, CJ-26944, K795, KB-01018, KB-30565, LP066606, LS-29200, OR025199, OR080941, OR257058, SC-26796, SMR001227201, DB-002310, DB-020722, ST2407878, TR-000846, 96O442668X, B0594, FT-0604607, FT-0607456, ST51046210, M-6016, 29458-EP2311840A1, 29458-EP2311842A2, A800773, I01-0451, I01-0633, I01-5328, W-108845, 3B3-020240, 107175-46-2

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2-Bromoethylbenzene, 4-Bromoethylbenzene, 1-Phenethyl bromide, p-Bromoethylbenzene, (bromoethyl)benzene, C8H9Br, 1-(2-bromoethyl)benzene, CID7666, 1973-22-4, 1585-07-5, 31620-80-1, 2725-82-8, 32933-03-2

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