Synthesis of (1-chloroethyl)benzene

Preparation of (1-chloroethyl)benzene

Preparation of (1-chloroethyl)benzene by chloronation ethylbenzene with chlorine

Preparation of (1-chloroethyl)benzene

Preparation of (1-chloroethyl)benzene

To the 250 ml round bottom 101.5 g (0.5 mol) ethylbenzene were placed. The flask is connected with reflux condenser, thermometer and bubbler for chlorine. After heating the reaction mixture to 70° C a quartz lamp was turned on (quartz lamps should be placed at a distance of 30 cm from the reaction vessel). Dry chlorine dried and washed with concentrated sulfuric acid was introduced to the heated reaction flask (chlorine mus be introduced at a such rate that the liquid in the luminance of the light of quartz lamp was slightly green. The intense green color indicates an excess of chlorine, which leads to polychlorinated products). After 15.8 g of chlorine were reacted, the reaction mixture was cooled and washed with water in a separatory funnel. The product was then dried over anhydrous calcium chloride, and distilled in a vacuum. Fraction of 200 ml of (1-chloroethyl)benzene was collected at 84-94° C /20-25 mm Hg.  The yield of this fraction, consisting mainly of (1-chloroethyl)benzene with small amounts of (2-chloro-ethyl)benzene, 120 g (90% of theory), based on the ethyl-benzene. (1-chloroethyl)benzene and (2-chloro-ethyl)benzene colorless liquids which decompose by boiling under ordinary pressure. (1-chloroethyl)benzene boils at a temperature of 86° C /720 mm Hg. (2-chloro-ethyl)benzene at 5 ° above. Both compounds are used for the production of styrene.

Препаративная органическая химия, Вульфсон Н.С., 187-188, 1959 (Preparative organic chemistry, Wolfson N. S., 187-188, 1959)





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(1-CHLOROETHYL)BENZENE, 672-65-1, 1-Chloro-1-phenylethane, 1-Phenylethyl chloride, 1-chloroethylbenzene, alpha-Phenylethyl chloride, alpha-Methylbenzyl chloride, Benzene, (1-chloroethyl)-, .alpha.-Methylbenzyl chloride, 1-PHENYL-ETHYLCHLORIDE, CCRIS 1778, GTLWADFFABIGAE-UHFFFAOYSA-N, SBB007671, 38661-82-4, (chloroethyl)benzene, a-Methylbenzyl chloride, PubChem10204, 1-Phenyl-1-chloroethane, ACMC-1B5DG, .alpha.-Phenethyl chloride, .alpha.-Phenylethyl chloride, SCHEMBL37100, (.alpha.-Chloroethyl)benzene, 1-(CHLOROETHYL)BENZENE, AC1L201R, SCHEMBL7742182, CTK3J1621, MolPort-001-770-927, EINECS 211-594-8, ANW-35313, KM1083, AKOS000268717, AKOS016039403, AB01249, FR-0083, MCULE-7314508180, RTX-011548, (+/-)-(1-CHLOROETHYL)BENZENE, AK135518, AN-47168, KB-86722, U237, DB-055004, LS-188587, TL8004741, FT-0604508, FT-0632610, EN300-22516, A835684, I01-6998, 3B1-007208, 3B3-058239

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beta-Phenethyl chloride, alpha-Chloroethylbenzene, CID12648, c0166

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