Synthesis of 1-bromooctane

Preparation of 1-bromooctane

Preparation of 1-bromooctane

Preparation of 1-bromooctane

With cooling, 1 mole of the 1-octanol is treated first with 0.5 mole of concentrated sulfuric acid and then with 1.25 mole of hydrogen bromide (in the form of the 48%, constant-boiling, acid), and the obtained mixture is boiled for 6 hours under reflux. Then it is steam-distilled and the 1-bromooctane is separated off in the separating funnel. The crude 1-bromooctane is twice shaken carefully with about one-fifth of its volume of cold concentrated sulfuric acid or the same volume of concentrated hydrochloric acid in the separating funnel to dissolve the ether produced as a by-product. Then crude 1-bromooctane is washed with water then it is freed from acid with sodium bicarbonate solution, washed again with water, dried over calcium chloride, and distilled through a 20-cm Vigreux column. The yield of 1-bromooctane is 80%, n20/D 1.452; m.p. −55 °C; b.p. 201 °C; d=1.118 g/mL at 25 °C.

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1-Bromooctane, n-Octyl bromide, Octyl bromide, 111-83-1, 1-Octylbromide, Octane, 1-bromo-, bromooctane, 1-Bromo octane, 1-Bromo-octane, 1-BROMO-N-OCTANE, VMKOFRJSULQZRM-UHFFFAOYSA-N, NSC 9821, EINECS 203-912-9, SBB059937, AI3-15807, octylbromide, n-octylbromide, octanyl bromide, a-bromo octane, n-bromooctane;, 8-bromooctane, 1-octyl bromide, 1 -octyl bromide, CAPRYL BROMIDE, AC1L1QCT, AC1Q2VWM, ACMC-1C6SS, DSSTox_CID_1938, UNII-Q382HPC6LC, DSSTox_RID_76414, Q382HPC6LC, DSSTox_GSID_21938, SCHEMBL33503, WLN: E8, KSC174K7P, 152951_ALDRICH, AC1Q27V1, CCRIS 8914, CHEMBL156047, Jsp000886, Jsp000888, 01084_FLUKA, CTK0H4577, NSC9821, MolPort-000-157-872, LABOTEST-BB LTBB001161, NSC-9821, ZINC1700203, Tox21_302112, ANW-16327, AR-1C2044, AKOS000119808, AS03445, EBD2203385, MCULE-7484248707, NE10018, RP25224, RTR-002318, TRA0046199, NCGC00255306-01, AN-43092, CAS-111-83-1, I860, KB-11812, LP003945, LS-97846, DB-050360, TR-002318, B0626, FT-0628359, FT-0657190, ST50214522, EN300-19979, A15118, 3B4-0648, I14-6068, Q-200115

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C8H17Br, CID8140, 112602-32-1

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