Synthesis of n-Propylbenzene

Preparation of n-Propylbenzene

Preparation of n-Propylbenzene

Preparation of n-Propylbenzene

Propiophenone (0. 1 mole) is placed in a 250-ml round-bottom flask with 13.5 g of potassium hydroxide, 10 ml of 85% hydrazine hydrate, and 100 ml of diethylene glycol. A reflux condenser is attached and the mixture is heated to reflux for 1 hour (mantle). After refluxing 1 hour, the condenser is removed and a thermometer is immersed in the reaction mixture while slow boiling is continued to remove water. When the pot temperature has reached 200°, the condenser is replaced and refluxing is continued for an additional 3 hours. The mixture is then cooled, acidified with the concentrated hydrochloric acid, and extracted with benzene. The benzene solution is dried, and the benzene is evaporated to afford n-propylbenzene, which is purified by distillation.

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n-propylbenzene, n-propylbenzene ion (1+), propylbenzene

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Propylbenzene, 1-Phenylpropane, N-PROPYLBENZENE, Phenylpropane, Benzene, propyl-, 1-Propylbenzene, 103-65-1, Isocumene, Propyl-benzene, n-Propyl benzene, Propylbenzene, n-, NSC 16941, UNII-0WR86ZHG2Z, Propylbenzene (all isomers), CHEMBL286062, CHEBI:42630, HSDB 5353, ODLMAHJVESYWTB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-132-9, SBB061210, UN2364, AI3-23862, 3-phenylpropane, Benzene, n-propyl-, BENZENE,PROPYL, PubChem10852, ACMC-1BYYI, AC1L1PA9, PROPYL, 3-PHENYL-, 0WR86ZHG2Z, DSSTox_CID_22219, DSSTox_RID_79963, DSSTox_GSID_42219, P52407_ALDRICH, WLN: 3R, KSC181O1P, 47323_SUPELCO, 82119_ALDRICH, AC1Q1I19, Jsp000374, 82118_FLUKA, 82119_FLUKA, NSC16941, ZINC1747837, ETHYL, 1-METHYL-2-PHENYL-, Tox21_300567, 7657AH, ANW-14948, AR-1L2478, BDBM50167945, NSC-16941, ZINC01747837, AKOS000120950, ZINC100032913, MCULE-1436126757, RP19385, TRA0058969, UN 2364, NCGC00248093-01, NCGC00254532-01, AN-24650, CAS-103-65-1, CJ-29629, KB-60016, LS-31177, OR019872, OR134799, OR195860, OR195861, OR230726, OR247992, SC-46265, TR-000852, (3S)-3-amino-4-oxo-7-phenylheptanoic acid, FT-0631559, P0523, S0656, ST50409514, 28309-EP2289965A1, 28309-EP2314577A1, n-Propyl benzene [UN2364] [Flammable liquid], n-Propyl benzene [UN2364] [Flammable liquid], A800778, I01-6119, 3B3-023541, InChI=1/C9H12/c1-2-6-9-7-4-3-5-8-9/h3-5,7-8H,2,6H2,1H, 3H0

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Propylcyclohexane, n-propylbenzene ion (1+), CID7668, MolPort-019-372-847, C9H12, RTR-000852, C024268, 1678-92-8, 74296-31-4, 77772-42-0, FPR

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