Synthesis of methyltriphenoxyphosphonium iodide

Preparation of methyltriphenoxyphosphonium iodide

31 g of triphenyl phosphite and 21 g of methyl iodide are heated for 36 hours under reflux using Dean-Stark apparatus; the temperature of the boiling mixture rises from 70°C to 115° C. Addition of dry ether after cooling gives yellowish-brown needles; these are repeatedly washed with dry ether and dried over phosphorus pentoxide. The yield of methyltriphenoxyphosphonium iodide is 42 g (94%). The methyltriphenoxyphosphonium iodide can, however, be purified by rapid complete dissolution in dry acetone and precipitation by dry ether, then having m.p. 146° C.

J. Chem. Soc, 1953, 2224.





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Methyltriphenoxyphosphonium iodide, 17579-99-6, Methyl triphenoxyphosphonium iodide, Triphenyl phosphite methoiodide, ACMC-20ake2, AC1MC2KH, SCHEMBL475458, methyltriphenoxyphosphanium iodide, CTK4D6002, VKTOBGBZBCELGC-UHFFFAOYSA-M, methyl triphenoxy-phosphonium iodide, methyl(triphenoxy)phosphanium iodide, EINECS 241-551-9, Methyltriphenoxyphosphorus(1+) Iodide, AKOS016012992, AK126058, OR014318, SC-53165, KB-257939, TC-166097, FT-0672281, I14-63075, 3B3-045633, Phosphorus(1+),methyltriphenoxy-, iodide (1:1), (T-4)-

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