Synthesis of acetic formic anhydride

Preparation of acetic formic anhydride

The easiest method of preparation is by the reaction of sodium formate and acetyl chloride in dry ether as reported in Org. Synth. 1970, 50,1.

Anhydrous formic acid (13.8 g., 0.3 mole), prepared from the 85% formic acid by refluxing with phthalic anhydride ( Pryanishnikov and Shakhova, J. Gen. Chem. (U. S. S. R.), 2, 81 (1932)) was treated with a stream of ketene gas (0.3 mole) freed from acetone vapors.  The reaction product was distilled at 19 mm and 15 ml of formic acetic anhydride was collected at 33-33.5 °C.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1939, 61 (12), pp 3355–3359


formyl acetate



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Formyl acetate, Acetic formic anhydride, 2258-42-6, Formic acetic anhydride, methanone,(acetyloxy)-, Acetic acid, anhydride with formic acid, ORWKVZNEPHTCQE-UHFFFAOYSA-N, acetyl formate, acetic-formic anhydride, formic-acetic anhydride, AC1L2OEL, AC1Q60FU, formic acid-acetic anhydride, CTK1A7788, AR-1J4174, AKOS025117526, ZINC100623869, AN-50623, OR035224, FT-0632129, FT-0658869, A18489, S14-1340

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5,7-Dichlorobenzofuran, 5,7-Dichloro-Benzofuran, CID75269, 23145-06-4

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