Synthesis of 9,10-dibromoanthracene

Preparation of 9,10-dibromoanthracene

Preparation of 9,10-dibromoanthracene

Preparation of 9,10-dibromoanthracene

50 g. of anthracene and 500 ml of carbon tetrachloride are placed in a flask with mechanical agitator and reflux condenser affixed. 95 g. of bromine are slowly added with vigorous agitation, and the 9,10-dibromoanthracene separates. The hydrogen bromide evolved is passed from the top of the condenser to a fume duct or is absorbed in water. The addition of bromine takes about 30 minutes. The mixture is then gently raised to boiling and maintained there for 1 hour. It is cooled, allowed to stand for some hours, and the 9,10-dibromoanthracene filtered off, washed with carbon tetrachloride, and dried. A further yield is obtained by concentrating the mother liquor. The product is crystallised from carbon tetrachloride or from toluene yielding -85% theoretical (70 g). Yellow needles; m.p. 217 ° C.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 355, 1937.





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9,10-Dibromoanthracene, 523-27-3, Anthracene, 9,10-dibromo-, 9,10-Dibromo-anthracene, 9,10-dibromanthracen, 9,10-Dibromo anthracenen, UNII-61CP7C5Y82, BRUOAURMAFDGLP-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 61CP7C5Y82, MFCD00001244, NSC6263, PubChem15115, 9,10 dibromoanthracene, Anthracene,10-dibromo-, 9,10 -dibromoanthracene, ACMC-1AZ4Y, AC1L29AS, AC1Q26KU, DSSTox_CID_29268, DSSTox_RID_83387, DSSTox_GSID_49312, SCHEMBL28511, D38855_ALDRICH, KSC272O4T, EMOLECULES 537289, CHEMBL3183379, DTXSID5049312, CTK1H2749, ZERENEX ZX-CF004800, NSC 6263, NSC-6263, ZINC6920369, EINECS 208-342-4, Tox21_202923, ANW-31439, AR-1H5194, BBL002460, STK286015, ZINC06920369, AKOS003241118, AC-4953, MCULE-4447000672, RL03926, VZ31049, NCGC00260469-01, AJ-57032, AK-43963, AN-11496, BC003971, CAS-523-27-3, KB-46938, L890, PL002252, ST2406610, TL8003455, TR-031307, 4CH-018199, D0166, FT-0085064, FT-0621594, ST45021931, ST50409063, T7931, I14-0877, W-105834, InChI=1/C14H8Br2/c15-13-9-5-1-2-6-10(9)14(16)12-8-4-3-7-11(12)13/h1-8

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C14H8Br2, MolPort-001-768-182, CID68226, RTR-031307, 53345-16-7

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