Synthesis of 4-fluorophenol

Preparation of 4-fluorophenol

Preparation of 4-fluorophenol

Preparation of 4-fluorophenol

Solutions of p-aminophenol (10.9 g) in 56% tetrafluoroboric acid (50 ml) and of sodium nitrite (6.9 g) in water (50 ml) are added portionwise and simultaneously, with good stirring, to 56% tetrafluoroboric acid (200 ml) that is cooled in ice-salt to —6°, additions being adjusted so that the mixture contains an excess of nitrite throughout. Copper(I) chloride (5 g) is then added to the clear solution and the obtained reaction mixture is stirred at 80-90° for 2 hours. On cooling, 71 % of p-fluorophenol, m.p. 46°, is obtained.

J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 78, 6037 (1956).





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4-fluorophenol, p-fluorophenol

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4-FLUOROPHENOL, 371-41-5, p-Fluorophenol, Phenol, 4-fluoro-, Phenol, p-fluoro-, phenol, 4-fluoro, PARA-FLUOROPHENOL, 4-fluoro phenol, 4-Fluoro-phenol, CCRIS 665, RHMPLDJJXGPMEX-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 4-fluoranylphenol, EINECS 206-736-0, MFCD00002316, NSC 10295, SBB040810, BRN 1362752, FPN, 4fluorophenol, p-fluoro phenol, p-fluoro-phenol, 4-flourophenol, 4fluoro phenol, 4-flurophenol, ZINC00164463, PubChem2314, ACMC-1CS5Y, AC1L1TP1, AC1Q78VI, P-HYDROXYFLUOROBENZENE, SCHEMBL78213, F13207_ALDRICH, KSC224K3B, DTXSID0052047, CTK1C4530, TIMTEC-BB SBB040810, OTAVA-BB 1506430, LABOTEST-BB LTBB005581, ZINC164463, NSC10295, AKOS BBS-00004253, ANW-28574, NSC-10295, AKOS000119023, AS00216, CM11750, LS10647, MCULE-2144683806, PF10534, PS-9253, RP19044, TRA-0183713, AJ-16167, AK-48196, AN-44600, CJ-02139, KB-72488, OR010903, TL806436, ZB008152, AB1003571, DB-028894, LS-104664, ST2411436, TR-015120, AM20040308, F0160, FT-0085048, FT-0618549, ST50214377, X8271, C16485, M-3933, 88176-EP2298747A1, 88176-EP2305625A1, 88176-EP2305648A1, 4-06-00-00773 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), A823540, I01-1287, W-200550, F0001-1065

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Fluorophenol, Clencyclohexerol, C6H5FO, CHEMBL56226, CID9732, SR-1C10, MolPort-000-145-913, RTR-015120, PFP, 1053659-64-5, 157877-79-7

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