Synthesis of 4-chloropyridine N-oxide

Preparation of 4-chloropyridine N-oxide

4-Nitropyridine 1-oxide (8 g) is introduced in small portions into acetyl chloride (40 ml) in a flask under a reflux condenser, a vigorous reaction occurring after brief warming. Finally, warming for 30 min at ca. 50° affords a crystalline mass. This is decomposed cautiously with ice-water, and the mixture is made alkaline with sodium carbonate and extracted several times with chloroform. The extract is dried over sodium carbonate and on evaporation gives a product which crystallizes from acetone in colorless needles (4.0 g, 55%), m.p. 169.5° (dec.).

Angew. Chem., 70, 735 (1958).





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4-Chloropyridine N-oxide, 4-Chloropyridine 1-oxide, 1121-76-2, 4-Chloropyridine oxide, 4-Chloro-pyridine 1-oxide, 4-Chloropyridine-N-oxide, 4-Chloropuridine N-Oxide, 4-chloropyridin-1-ol, PubChem19817, AC1L2EPS, ACMC-1BS1D, 4-Chloro-pyridine N-oxide, 4-Chloropyridine, N-oxide, DSSTox_CID_21513, DSSTox_RID_79758, UNII-F3196UEB9Q, DSSTox_GSID_41513, KSC507M9L, SCHEMBL133666, Pyridine, 4-chloro-,1-oxide, 232408_ALDRICH, AC1Q221M, F3196UEB9Q, 4-chloro-1-oxidopyridin-1-ium, 4-chloropyridin-1-ium-1-olate, CHEMBL3186776, DTXSID0041513, Pyridine, 4-chloro-, 1-oxide, CTK4A7695, 4-chloro-1-oxido-pyridin-1-ium, NSC5074, TH 285N, DPJVRASYWYOFSJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, ZINC407058, EBD12367, NSC-5074, Tox21_300883, ANW-16408, AR-1G1968, MFCD00047425, SBB085745, ZINC00407058, AKOS015850307, AM90667, TRA0004664, NCGC00248202-01, NCGC00254787-01, AK-51725, AN-48594, CJ-04135, HE021575, HE103276, KB-38296, SC-24852, ZB013775, CAS-1121-76-2, AB0002528, DB-003961, TR-032236, BB 0256850, FT-0082275, ST51052499, Z2865, I02-1743

Removed Synonyms

Pyridine, 1-oxide, C5H4ClNO, 4-Ethylbenzenebutanoic acid, MolPort-001-779-839, CID70724, RTR-032236, C1540, 112935-85-0

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