Preparation of platinized asbestos

Preparation of platinized asbestos

Preparation of platinized asbestos

Preparation of platinized asbestos

Platinized asbestos could be prepared as follows: 5 g of purified asbestos are added to a bowl and 1-2% chloroplatinic acid solution is poured over it. The fibers are impregnated with the solution into a porcelain crucible and roasted first carefully, and then strongly on a blowtorch. The prepared catalyst is stored in a jar with a ground-glass stopper and roasted before each synthesis experiment. This method is particularly suitable for producing asbestos with low platinum contents (0.1-4% Pt). Its advantage lies in that the product contains no foreign salts which could obstruct the pores of the asbestos fibers and adversely affect its catalytic activity.

Practical inorganic synthesis, I. O. Varobyova, 123, 1987

To prepare platinized asbestos with high platinum contents (5-10%), the asbestos mass is saturated with a chloroplatinic acid solution. The mass is made slightly alkaline by treating it with diluted solution of sodium hydroxide, and the chloride is then reduced to fine, particulate Pt with sodium formate. The reduction is best carried out in a muffle furnace at about 300-400°C. Finally the asbestos is freed of alkali salts by thorough washing with cold water and is dried in a muffle furance. At this point the asbestos should be light gray.

For the preparation of platinum sponge asbestos is saturated with concentrated solution of chloroplatinic acid and is placed in a concentrated solution of ammonium chloride. The asbestos, which is thus permeated with ammonium hexachloroplatinate [(NH4)2PtCl6], is placed on a glass funnel to allow the excess solution to drain, and is then slowly heated to incandescence. This produces an asbestos with a high concentration of platinum sponge.

Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, by G. Brauer, Vol 2, 1563, 1965





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