Preparation of Lindlar’s catalyst

Preparation of Lindlar’s catalyst

To a stirred suspension of 50 g of pure, precipitated calcium carbonate in 400 ml of distilled water are added solution of 4.2 g of anhydrous palladium chloride dissolved in 45 ml of water and 4 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid and the stirring continued for 5 minutes at room temperature and then 10 minutes at 80° C. The hot suspension is then shaken with hydrogen until no further uptake can be observed and the impregnated calcium carbonate filtered off and well washed with distilled water. It is then suspended in 500 ml of distilled water by vigorous stirring and a solution of 5 g of lead acetate dissolved in 100 ml of distilled water are added; stirring is continued for 10 minutes at 20° C and then 40 minutes in a boiling water-bath. The catalyst is filtered off, washed well with distilled water and dried in vacuo at 40-45° C.

Lindlar, H., Helv. Chim. Acta, 35 (1952) 446





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PALLADIUM, Palladium on carbon, Palladium Black, 7440-05-3, paladio, palladium/carbon, Palladium element, Palladium, element, (107pd)palladium, (109pd)palladium, Palladex 600, Palladium on activated charcoal, palladium on charcoal, 46Pd, UNII-5TWQ1V240M, palladium on activated carbon, PD, CHEBI:33363, HSDB 6768, EINECS 231-115-6, Palladium on alumina, Precipitated palladium, Palladium on barium sulfate, PALLADIUM, 10% WT. % ON ACTIVATED CARBON, 53092-86-7, Palladium atomic absorption standard solution, Lindlar Catalyst, Pd on charcoal, Pd on carbon, palladium charcoal, palladium/charcoal, palladium /carbon, palladium/ carbon, palladium(0), Palladium compounds, palladium (0), palladium / carbon, palladium on-carbon, palladium-on carbon, palladium-on-carbon, palladium/char coal, palladiumon charcoal, palladium- on-carbon, paliadium-on-charcoal, palladium on-charcoal, palladium-on charcoal, palladium-on-charcoal, Palladium on car-bon, 17637-99-9, palladium- on-charcoal, Pd on activated carbon, PubChem21560, Escat(TM) 11, palladium -on- charcoal, palladium carbon catalyst, Pd on activated charcoal, PALLADIUM, SPONGE, e 105 rse/w, e 106 rob/d, Escat(TM) 103, palladium-activated carbon, e 101 ne/w, e 101 nn/d, e 101 nn/w, e 101 no/w, e 105 ca/w, e 105 ya/w, e 106 kr/d, e 106 nn/w, e 196 kp/d, e 196 nn/w, e 196 rb/d, e 196 rb/w, e 199 nn/w, Epitope ID:114072, palladium on charcoal paste, palladium/charcoal activated, AC1L2N3K, palladium, on active carbon, sulfided palladium on carbon, e 1002 nn/w, e 1097 ne/w, e 1506 ya/w, palladium on carbon, reduced, Palladium, Sponge 20 Mesh, e 101 n/d, e 101 n/w, e 101 o/d, e 101 o/w, e 101 r/d, e 101 r/w, e 105 b/d, e 105 o/w, e 105 r/d, e 105 r/w, e 105 y/w, e 106 b/w, e 106 o/w, e 106 r/w, e 106 u/w, e 196 r/d, e 196 r/w, palladium on carbon 10% dry, 75990_ALDRICH, 75991_ALDRICH, 75992_ALDRICH, 75993_ALDRICH, 76022_ALDRICH, Palladium on carbon 10% wet, palladium, on activated carbon, ACMC-2097l2, 203939_ALDRICH, 203998_ALDRICH, 205672_ALDRICH, 205680_ALDRICH, 205699_ALDRICH, 205702_ALDRICH, 205710_ALDRICH, 205729_ALDRICH, 205745_ALDRICH, 205753_ALDRICH, 205834_ALDRICH, 207349_ALDRICH, 227757_ALDRICH, 237515_ALDRICH, 267082_ALDRICH, 267112_ALDRICH, 267120_ALDRICH, 276707_ALDRICH, 277991_ALDRICH, 287474_ALDRICH, 326666_ALDRICH, 326690_ALDRICH, 330108_ALDRICH, 330116_ALDRICH, 330124_ALDRICH, 346985_ALDRICH, 346993_ALDRICH, 348643_ALDRICH, 348678_ALDRICH, 348694_ALDRICH, 373192_ALDRICH, 373206_ALDRICH, 407305_ALDRICH, 411450_ALDRICH, 440086_ALDRICH, 464651_ALDRICH, 520667_ALDRICH, 520675_ALDRICH, 520810_ALDRICH, 520829_ALDRICH, 520837_ALDRICH, 520845_ALDRICH, 520888_ALDRICH, 5TWQ1V240M, 643173_ALDRICH, 643181_ALDRICH, e 1002 r/w, e 1097 r/w, e 1529 r/w, 75990_FLUKA, 75991_FLUKA, 75992_FLUKA, 75993_FLUKA, 76002_FLUKA, 76022_FLUKA, CTK0H9525, HSDB 7330, 207349_FLUKA, KDLHZDBZIXYQEI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-001-781-607, WXHIJDCHNDBCNY-UHFFFAOYSA-N, KST-1A2116, KST-1A2634, KST-1A2635, PALLADIUM, 5% ON CHARCOAL, 8978AF, ANW-14100, AR-1A0154, AR-1A0155, AR-1A0156, FC0827, IN2843, palladium on activated carbon, oxidic, AKOS005259069, palladium on activated carbon, reduced, palladium on activated carbon, sulfided, RL04824, RTR-024024, palladium on activated carbon, unreduced, PALLADIUM, WIRE,0.05″” DIAM, AN-19410, BP-11458, PALLADIUM, 10% ON SrCO3, AB1002191, KB-302467, LS-101165, palladium on activated peat carbon, reduced, palladium on activated wood carbon, reduced, RT-000086, FT-0083594, FT-0651504, P1490, P1491, P1701, P1702, P1703, P1785, palladium on activated wood carbon, unreduced, PALLADIUM, 10% ON CALCIUM CARBONATE, 3B4-2217, I14-31900, I14-114725, P123456000, Palladium 10% on activated carbon (wetted with ca. 53% water)

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null, palladium carbon, Palladium hydride, PALLADIUM ION, Pd/C, Palladium on activated alumina, CID23938, D010165, 12135-22-7, 178979-82-3, 20981-49-1, 20982-36-9

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