Synthesis of mercury(I) nitrate (mercurous nitrate)

Preparation of mercury(I) nitrate

25 grams of mercury are treated with 20 ml of 6N (25%) nitric acid by warming gently until no further action takes place. The solution of mercury(I) nitrate is cooled, separated by pouring from any remaining globule of mercury into a small dish, and left to crystallize until the next day. The next day obtained crystals are spread out on a filter, covered with a paper towel and left to dry completely at room temperature. Mercury(I) nitrate is kept in a stoppered bottle as soon as it is dry. Mercury(I) nitrate obtained by described method contains one molecule of water (mercury(II) nitrate monohydrate).

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 232, 1936





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MERCUROUS NITRATE, Dimercury dinitrate, Mercury(1+) nitrate, Monomercury nitrate, Mercury protonitrate, Mercury(I) nitrate, Nitrate mercureux [French], Mercury(I) nitrate (1:1), Nitric acid, mercury(I) salt, Nitric acid, mercury(1+) salt, HSDB 1214, EINECS 233-886-4, UN1627, 10415-75-5, Nitric acid, mercury(1+) salt (1:1), Nitrate mercureux, mercury(1+) ion nitrate, AC1L18QO, CTK4F4149, Nitric acid, mercurysalt (8CI,9CI), Mercurous nitrate [UN1627] [Poison], Mercurous nitrate [UN1627] [Poison], LS-89830, TR-000949, 3B4-2562

Removed Synonyms

Mercury nitrate, Mercurous nitrate, monohydrate, 24670-15-3 (Parent), CID25247, Nitric acid, mercury(1+) salt, monohydrate, 24670-15-3, 7782-86-7

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