Synthesis of chloroform-d

Preparation of chloroform-d

Alternative Names: Chloroform-D; Deuterochloroform; Methane-d, trichloro-; 865-49-6; Trichloromethane-d; (2H)Chloroform; deuterated chloroform;

Preparation of chloroform-d

Preparation of chloroform-d

30 g of anhydrous calcium trichloroacetate are placed in a 100-ml flask and several small chips of metallic sodium added. 10 ml of deuterium oxide are added cautiously and the flask attached to the Dean-stark apparatus for automatic separation and return of the deuterium oxide.

A glass apparatus for the preparation of chloroform-d

A glass apparatus for the preparation of chloroform-d

The apparatus is fitted with a calcium chloride drying tube and a bulb to eliminate the effects of foaming which may occur toward the end of the reaction. The reaction flask is heated (oil bath) and maintained at about 125° C for 3 hours. During the decarboxylation reaction, 8.5 ml of chloroform-d are collected. After the removal of the chloroform-d, in order to recover deuterium oxide the bath temperature is raised and the remaining deuterium oxide removed. In this way 8.4 ml. of deuterium oxide are recovered. The yield of chloroform-d is 60% based on the deuterium oxide. The product is dried over calcium chloride and purified by distillation at 61.5° C.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1951, 73 (2), pp 769–770





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Chloroform-D, Deuterochloroform, Methane-d, trichloro-, 865-49-6, Trichloromethane-d, (2H)Chloroform, deuterated chloroform, CDCl3, trichloro(deuterio)methane, HEDRZPFGACZZDS-MICDWDOJSA-N, Chloroform, deutero-, CHLOROFORM- D, deuteriochloroform, Trichloromethane-d1, trichloro((2)H)methane, AC1L2GFU, DE38A, SCHEMBL25366, 151823_ALDRICH, 151831_ALDRICH, 151858_ALDRICH, 225789_ALDRICH, 236896_ALDRICH, 236918_ALDRICH, 416754_ALDRICH, 423092_ALDRICH, 423661_ALDRICH, 431915_ALDRICH, 434876_ALDRICH, 441333_ALDRICH, 444731_ALDRICH, 494275_ALDRICH, 494283_ALDRICH, 522015_ALDRICH, 530735_ALDRICH, 570699_ALDRICH, 612200_ALDRICH, CHEBI:85365, MolPort-003-926-689, EINECS 212-742-4, CHLOROFORM, DEUTERATED, 99%, AKOS015832915, RP19390, AN-20545, OR000446, C1423, C2181, C2215, C2232, FT-0617609, FT-0623661, X2076, Chloroform-D “100%” >99.96 Atom % D, I14-60351

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Trichloromethane, CID71583, c0023, c0583

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