Synthesis of 4-chloropyrazole

Preparation of 4-chloropyrazole

Preparation of 4-chloropyrazole

Preparation of 4-chloropyrazole

Dry gaseous chlorine (10 g) is passed into a solution of pyrazole (2.72 g) in carbon tetrachloride at 0° in 60 min. The. precipitated 4-chloropyrazole hydrochloride (88%) is filtered off and dissolved in water. Adding sodium carbonate to weak alkalinity precipitates, 4-chloropyrazole, and the remainder is extracted several times in ether. The total yield is 55% and, after recrystallization from light petroleum the m.p. is 76-77°.

Ann. Chem., 598, 186 (1956)





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4-Chloropyrazole, 4-Chloro-1H-pyrazole, 15878-00-9, 4-chloro pyrazole, 1H-Pyrazole, 4-chloro-, BRN 0106355, PYRAZOLE, 4-CHLORO-, BADSZRMNXWLUKO-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 1H-Pyrazole, 4-chloro- (9CI), L-21842, 4 -chloropyrazole, 4- Chloropyrazole, zlchem 159, PubChem14005, AC1L1DEP, AC1Q3KQD, SCHEMBL44337, KSC177Q9N, CTK0H7896, ZLB0148, MolPort-000-161-310, BB_SC-8868, ACT05129, ALBB-000288, ZINC1049758, ANW-49879, BBL015823, CC-078, MFCD00159634, SBB000035, STK260856, ZINC01049758, AKOS000304502, AB04179, CS18764, MCULE-2092045123, RP18794, TRA0001645, VP20103, AJ-24815, AK-28843, BC202155, BR-28843, CJ-04699, EN001079, HE021454, KB-38290, SC-23608, ST005615, SY016263, ZB015796, AB0002296, DB-006785, LS-128389, ST2411260, TC-060987, TL8001202, 4CH-013306, AM20080425, BB 0216542, C2888, FT-0630034, EN300-51825, C-6252, 5-23-04-00164 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), AK-968/37166380, Q-102372, S14-0582, T6531370, 3B3-060488, 15678-00-9, JZ6

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C3H3ClN2, CID27524, R340, A3507

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