Synthesis of triphosgene

Preparation of triphosgene

Triphosgene is prepared by the chlorination of methyl carbonate. Also it is very related to phosgene and diphosgene.

Preparation of triphosgene

Preparation of triphosgene

Triphosgene is prepared by passing dry gaseous chlorine through dimethyl carbonate exposed to direct sunlight. Chlorination process takes several days and on the end of the reaction colorless crystals appears. When the whole mass has become solid, excess of chlorine and hydrochloric acid is removed by passing a current of dry carbon dioxide. The product obtained is dried, washed many times with a little absolute ether and dried in vacuum over sulfuric acid. White crystals, melting at 78-79° C. It has an odor of phosgene and boils at ordinary pressure at 205-206° C. Soluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, ether and others organic solvents.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 115, 1939


bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate



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bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate, triphosgene

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Triphosgene, Bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate, 32315-10-9, bis(trichloromethyl)carbonate, Methanol, trichloro-, carbonate (2:1), tri-Phosgene, Methanol, 1,1,1-trichloro-, 1,1′-carbonate, PubChem12856, ACMC-1CLGQ, ditrichloromethyl carbonate, tri-Phosgene; Triphosgene, bis-trichloromethylcarbonate, SCHEMBL5427, KSC224G6N, 15217_ALDRICH, 330752_ALDRICH, AC1L3S76, bis (trichloromethyl) carbonate, Bis-(trichloromethyl)-carbonate, UNII-2C0677Q3B2, 15217_FLUKA, Bis (trichloro methyl) carbonate, CTK1C4366, MolPort-003-926-712, UCPYLLCMEDAXFR-UHFFFAOYSA-N, BB_SC-8946, EBD40931, EINECS 250-986-3, ANW-27325, BBL011553, STL146687, ZINC04262022, AKOS005721144, 2C0677Q3B2, MCULE-5619324658, RTR-013609, BC677966, CJ-11736, KB-62142, M060, AB1002742, DB-031361, TR-013609, FT-0653313, AZ0001-0348, A15484, K-7529, M03559, 21544-EP2269977A2, 21544-EP2272841A1, 21544-EP2275102A1, 21544-EP2275404A1, 21544-EP2275420A1, 21544-EP2281563A1, 21544-EP2281820A2, 21544-EP2289890A1, 21544-EP2295426A1, 21544-EP2295427A1, 21544-EP2298754A1, 21544-EP2298757A2, 21544-EP2305648A1, 21544-EP2305652A2, 21544-EP2305660A1, 21544-EP2305676A1, 21544-EP2308562A2, 21544-EP2308840A1, 21544-EP2308851A1, 21544-EP2308858A1, 21544-EP2308869A1, 21544-EP2308877A1, 21544-EP2311464A1, 21544-EP2311816A1, 21544-EP2311817A1, 21544-EP2314295A1, 21544-EP2314571A2, 21544-EP2314593A1, 21544-EP2371831A1, 48418-EP2295426A1, 48418-EP2295427A1, 48418-EP2311494A1, 48418-EP2311813A1, 48772-EP2269990A1, 48772-EP2311813A1, 3B4-1245, I14-1636

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CID94429, A7067, T1467

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