Synthesis of trifluoromethane

Preparation of trifluoromethane

Trifluoromethane is prepared by reacting iodoform with mercury (I) fluoride.

Preparation of trifluoromethane

Preparation of trifluoromethane

The mixture of iodoform, mercury (I) fluoride and powder of mineral fluorite (also called fluorspar (CaF2) as a diluent) in proportion 20: 33.4: 40 triturated and placed in a 100 ml glass flask. From the flask gas outlet is connected with the collector which is immersed in liquid nitrogen and protected from moisture with phosphorus pentoxide.
The flask is heated on a silicon oil bath. At ~ 80 °C reaction begins. Further, the temperature rises to ~ 150 °C by itself. The trifluoromethane collects in the trap. After the reaction is complete and no new portions of trifluoromethane is formed the product is purified by distillation and collection of fraction with boiling point -40 -30 °C. Further trifluoromethane is washed with 2N sodium hydroxide solution and dried over phosphorus pentoxide. The yield of is trifluoromethane 45%.

Trifluoromethane could also be is prepared by reacting chloroform with hydrogen fluoride.

Preparation of trifluoromethane

Preparation of trifluoromethane

To the autoclave made of special steal, which is connected to the stirrer and reflux condenser 360 g of chloroform and 600 g of antimony pentachloride (SbCl5) (as catalyst) are placed. To this autoclave 200 g of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is introduced and reaction mixture is heated 1.5 hours at 130° C. The pressure of autoclave reaches 77 bar and slowly is released by collecting outgoing gas. The trifluoromethane is washed with ice-cold solution of  diluted sodium hydroxide and dried over phosphorus pentachloride. Trifluoromethane is purified by distillation. The yield of final product is 95%. Antimony pentachloride as a catalyst could be re-used many times. The obtained product is colorless gas. melting point -160° C; boiling point – 84.4° C. ρ 1.52 (-100 ° C). Thermally stable up to 1150° C.  Trifluoromethane can be stored in glass flasks or underwater.

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