Synthesis of tetrabromomethane

Preparation of tetrabromomethane

Preparation of tetrabromomethane

Preparation of tetrabromomethane

300g of aluminum bromide are dissolved in 400g of ethyl bromide with cooling and added during 30 min to a mixture containing 130 g of carbon tetrachloride and 300g of ethyl bromide at —10°C  to 0°C, then set aside for a further 30 min, the main product is tetrabromomethane which is distilled collecting the fraction boiling at 190°C.

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carbon tetrabromide, tetrabromomethane

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Carbon tetrabromide, TETRABROMOMETHANE, Methane, tetrabromo-, 558-13-4, Carbon bromide, Methane tetrabromide, CBr4, Carbon bromide (CBr4), Tetrabrommethan, Bromid uhlicity, tetrabromidocarbon, Carbontetrabromide, Tetrabromkohlenstoff, Kohlenstofftetrabromid, Methane, tetrabromide, Bromid uhlicity [Czech], NSC 6179, HSDB 2032, HJUGFYREWKUQJT-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 209-189-6, SBB061267, UN2516, BRN 1732799, MFCD00000117, perbromomethane, tetrabromocarbon, tetrabromometliane, tetrabromo methane, tetrabromo-methane, Tetra bromo methane, Carbon tetra bromide, WLN: EXEEE, tetrakis(bromanyl)methane, AC1L1WUJ, AC1Q23YP, AC1Q28JB, ACMC-1B07M, C11081_ALDRICH, KSC270Q8D, UNII-NLH657095L, DTXSID8060327, CHEBI:47875, CTK1H0881, NSC6179, NLH657095L, EBD25711, NSC-6179, ZINC6827580, Carbon tetrabromide, vacuum sublimed, 8231AF, ANW-32407, AKOS009107208, MCULE-5598367801, UN 2516, AN-23696, Carbon tetrabromide [UN2516] [Poison], IN016516, LS-52236, OR008265, Carbon tetrabromide [UN2516] [Poison], AB1003163, KB-251156, TC-064024, FT-0623479, ST51047302, AZ0001-0045, 4-01-00-00085 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), A830822, I14-0276, F1905-7234

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MolPort-002-317-312, CID11205, RTC-064024, T0038

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