Synthesis of tin(II) sulfide (stannous sulfide)

Preparation of tin(II) sulfide

Preparation of tin(II) sulfide (stannous sulfide)

Preparation of tin(II) sulfide (stannous sulfide)

45 grams of tin(II) chloride are placed in a beaker and treated with 45 ml of water. If tin(II) chloride dissolves completely the solution is poured it into a large flask and diluted with 1500 ml of hot water. If tin(II) chloride does not all dissolve the solution is decanted into the glass flask, any hard lumps are crushed with a pestle, and the residue is treated successively with small amounts of hot water by pouring the easily floatable suspension each time into the flask. The suspended tin(II) chloride solution is diluted to the volume of 1500 ml. To this obtained diluted tin(II) chloride solution hydrogen sulfide is passed through a delivery tube leading to the bottom of the flask. The saturation with hydrogen sulfide is continued until the solution smells of hydrogen sulfide. The obtained precipitate of tin(II) sulfide is decanted and the clear solution is transferred to a gravity filter. The sludge tin(II) sulfide is drained throughly and without tearing the filter, removed from the funnel, spread on paper towels and dried on the hot plate. Finally, when dry, tin(II) sulfide is pulverized and stored in a stoppered bottle.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 271-272, 1936





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tin sulfide, tin sulfide (SnS), tin sulfide (SnS2)

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Stannous sulfide, Tin(II) sulfide, thioxostannane, TIN (II) SULFIDE, 1314-95-0, Tin sulfide (SnS), stannanethione, Herzenbergite, sulfanylidenetin, Tin monosulfide, Tin sulphide, ACMC-1BTYN, AC1L8HGU, AC1Q7EEJ, 367168_ALDRICH, CTK0H1781, EINECS 215-248-7, AR-1L6826, TC-164946, 3B4-3778, I14-58122

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Tin sulfide, UNII-J4580W867H, CID426379, SnS, 12738-87-3, 51682-76-9, 52797-50-9

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