Synthesis of tin(IV) bromide (stannic bromide)

Preparation of tin(IV) bromide

Preparation of tin(IV) bromide (stannic bromide)

Preparation of tin(IV) bromide (stannic bromide)

Since tin(IV) bromide reacts with water, care must be taken to exclude moisture during the distillation. 24 grams of tin are placed in a 250 ml three-neck round-bottom flask which has been warmed to expel all moisture. The flask is fitted with a dropping funnel, a thermometer, a distillation head, a condenser and a receiver. To a 125 ml dropping funnel 12.5 ml of dry bromine are placed. The bromine is introduced in the flask by regulating the rate of 1 or 2 drops a second. If the reaction is too violent the addition of bromine is stopped and the reaction flask is cooled. When all the bromine has been added, the flask is mixed and allowed to stand for 5 minutes. Then additional one gram of tin is added to the flask and allowed to stand for 5 minutes. If the mixture starts to boil, the flask is cooled again. When the reaction is apparently complete the mixture is warmed gently until it begins to boil. Gradually the temperature is increased until unreacted bromine has been expelled and the liquid begins to distil. The first part of the distillate is usually dark colored and boils around 150° C, which is rejected. The colorless fraction boiling ~200° C is collected and immediately transferred in a stoppered flask, where it crystallizes. Tin(IV) bromide is purified by redistillation.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 275-277, 1936





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Stannic bromide, Tin tetrabromide, Tetrabromostannane, Tin(IV) bromide, Stannane, tetrabromo-, Tin perbromide, Tin bromide, SnBr4, Tin (IV) bromide, TIN(IV) BROMIDE (1:4), LTSUHJWLSNQKIP-UHFFFAOYSA-J, EINECS 232-184-5, 7789-67-5, Tetrabromotin, bromostannic acid, Stannic tetrabromide, tin-(IV)-bromide, AC1L2NK3, 215961_ALDRICH, UNII-23C21BW281, CTK0J6739, AKOS015833679, 23C21BW281, RTR-024960, LS-153843, TR-024960, 14456-69-0, 14526-18-2, 16918-62-0, 220835-50-7

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Titanium tetrabromide, CID24616

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