Synthesis of rubidium tetrachloroiodate

Preparation of rubidium tetrachloroiodate

Preparation of rubidium tetrachloroiodate

Preparation of rubidium tetrachloroiodate

2.5g of rubidium chloride are dissolved in 7-8ml water and 2.7g of iodine are suspended in the solution. If the rubidium chloride is not available it may be prepared by dissolving 2.4g of rubidium carbonate in the minimum of 6M hydrochloric acid and evaporating the neutral or slightly acid solution to dryness on the steam bath. The mixture of rubidium chloride and iodine is cooled in ice and a slow stream of chlorine (2 bubbles/sec) is led in until the iodine has dissolved (about 5min). Orange-red crystals of the rubidium tetrachloroiodate may separate during the oxidation, and crystallization is complete after the reaction mixture has stood several hours in ice. The product is suction-fil tered without washing and dried in vacuo for one hour. Longer drying times cause slow decomposition. The rubidium tetrachloroiodate is stored in a tightly stoppered all-glass bottle. Yield 5g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 55, 1962

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