Synthesis of propyl nitrate

Preparation of propyl nitrate

Alternative Names: Propyl nitrate; N-PROPYL NITRATE; Nitric acid, propyl ester; Monopropyl nitrate; 627-13-4; 1-Nitrooxy-propane;

Preparation of propyl nitrate

Preparation of propyl nitrate

Propyl nitrate is prepared like ethyl nitrate. 25 g  grams of a nitric acid of a specific gravity of 1.41 is mixed with 3 g of urea and 15 g of normal n-propyl alcohol, and carefully distilled over a free flame. As the liquid passes over, a mixture of 50 ml of nitric acid and 50 ml of propyl alcohol and 1 g of urea is dropped in, and distilled until 105° C is reached. The distillate, amounting to about 110 ml consists of two layers, the lower amounting to about 40 ml and is dilute nitric acid, the upper amounting to about 70 ml is the ester and unreacted alcohol. The solution is salted out with common salt, giving about 51 g of the propyl nitrate, or 53% of theory. Propyl nitrate has pleasant ethereal odor, volatile, boiling at 110.5° C and having a specific gravity of 1.06 at 15° C.

Nitroglycerine and Nitroglycerine Explosives, by P Naoum, 208-209, 1928


propyl nitrate



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n-propyl nitrate, nitric acid, propyl ester, propyl nitrate

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Propyl nitrate, N-PROPYL NITRATE, Nitric acid, propyl ester, Monopropyl nitrate, 627-13-4, 1-Nitrooxy-propane, Nitrate de propyle normal, Propylester kyseliny dusicne, UNII-983R6RCP6F, CHEMBL188554, HSDB 7198, JNTOKFNBDFMTIV-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Nitrate de propyle normal [French], EINECS 210-985-0, Propylester kyseliny dusicne [Czech], UN1865, BRN 1701406, Propylnitrate, nitric acid propyl ester, n-C3H7ONO2, AC1L1ZB6, Ex197, SCHEMBL324772, 983R6RCP6F, CTK8J7010, ZINC2031640, BDBM50156306, AKOS006274317, UN 1865, CJ-31773, LP124900, OR035946, DB-054258, LS-125757, FT-0632646, X5340, n-Propyl nitrate [UN1865] [Flammable liquid], n-Propyl nitrate [UN1865] [Flammable liquid], 3B3-050511, InChI=1/C3H7NO3/c1-2-3-7-4(5)6/h2-3H2,1H

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1-PROPYLNITRATE, CID12307, 4-01-00-01424 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

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