Synthesis of propionic acid

Preparation of propionic acid

Preparation of propionic acid

Preparation of propionic acid

All vessels used in this experiment must be absolutely DRY. 12 g of dry bright magnesium turnings are dissolved in a solution of 28 g of dry ethyl iodide in 20 ml of dry ether contained in a flask fitted with a reflux condenser. The action may, if necessary, be started by adding a crystal (0.05 g) of iodine; should it become too vigorous, it is moderated by cooling in water. When all the magnesium has dissolved, a not too rapid stream of carbon dioxide, washed once with sodium carbonate solution, twice with conc. sulphuric acid, and passed then over phosphorus pentoxide, is led in until it ceases to be absorbed, the flask being cooled if required. The ether is removed on a water bath and the residue distilled with dilute sulphuric acid (water is added as required) until the distillate is no longer acid. The propionic acid may be isolated by forming the lead salt, or the aqueous solution may be treated with excess of sodium carbonate and evaporated to dryness. The powdered residue is then distilled with conc. sulphuric acid until the temperature reaches 155° C. The distillate is again distilled, the fraction 137-142° C being retained. The yield of propionic acid 50% theoretical (7 g). Colourless liquid; rancid acid odour; m.p. 24° C ; b.p. 141° C;

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 118-119, 1937.


propanoic acid



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chromium propionate, ethylformic acid, lithium propanoate, Monoprop, potassium propionate, propionic acid, propionic acid, zinc salt, zinc propionate

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propionic acid, Propanoic acid, ethylformic acid, methylacetic acid, Ethanecarboxylic acid, Carboxyethane, Pseudoacetic acid, Metacetonic acid, Monoprop, Luprosil, Prozoin, 79-09-4, Propionoic acid, Acide propionique, propanoate, Propcorn, Propkorn, Antischim B, Sentry grain preserver, Methyl acetic acid, C3 acid, Propionsaeure, Tenox P grain preservative, propoic acid, Caswell No. 707, Propioic acid, acide propanoique, Toxi-Check, Propionic acid grain preserver, metacetonate, pseudoacetate, ethanecarboxylate, Propionic acid (natural), Carboxylic acids, C1-5, CH3-CH2-COOH, Acide propionique [French], Kyselina propionova, Kyselina propionova [Czech], propanate, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 077702, FEMA No. 2924, CCRIS 6096, CHEBI:30768, AI3-04167, HSDB 1192, FEMA Number 2924, UNII-JHU490RVYR, UN1848, BRN 0506071, CHEMBL14021, Propanyl acid, XBDQKXXYIPTUBI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 201-176-3, Acid C3, Propionic acid (NF), Propionic acid [NF], Propionic acid [UN1848] [Corrosive], C3H6O2, 68937-68-8, Luprisol, PropionicAcid, n-propionic acid, 1-propanoic acid, 2-methylacetic acid, 2-arylpropanoic acid, 2-arylpropionic acids, Propionic acid solution, Propanoic acid (9CI), C1-5 Carboxylic acids, Fatty acids, C3-24, AC1L1AKT, AC1Q2SKR, C2H5COOH, DSSTox_CID_5961, JHU490RVYR, bmse000179, Epitope ID:139981, Propionate standard for IC, PROPOXY, 1-OXO-, (C3-C24) Fatty acids, ETHYL, 1-CARBOXY-, ETHYL, 2-CARBOXY-, Propionic acid [USAN:NF], DSSTox_GSID_25961, Propionic acid (6CI,8CI), KSC377K4B, P5561_SIGMA, W292400_ALDRICH, W292419_ALDRICH, ACMC-20977b, 442769_SUPELCO, 537047_ALDRICH, GTPL1062, P1386_SIAL, 557-28-8 (zinc salt), 02717_FLUKA, 49916_FLUKA, 81910_FLUKA, 94425_FLUKA, CHEBI:16333, CTK2H7540, HMDB00237, MolPort-000-871-576, 81910_SIAL, LTBB001652, 402907_SIAL, ZINC6050663, EINECS 273-079-4, EINECS 273-598-6, Tox21_304030, ANW-13605, BDBM50082199, DNC000832, LMFA01010003, STL168039, AKOS000118853, DB03766, LS-1771, MCULE-2199051150, RL05053, RTR-025212, UN 1848, CAS-79-09-4, Propionic acid [UN1848] [Corrosive], NCGC00357239-01, BP-20411, C3:0, E280, KB-59985, OR033967, OR226045, OR246996, OR253314, OR303237, OR328316, S067, SC-22887, TR-025212, 613-EP2269610A2, 613-EP2269986A1, 613-EP2269988A2, 613-EP2270008A1, 613-EP2270011A1, 613-EP2270113A1, 613-EP2272935A1, 613-EP2275401A1, 613-EP2275407A1, 613-EP2275413A1, 613-EP2277848A1, 613-EP2277858A1, 613-EP2277867A2, 613-EP2277878A1, 613-EP2277880A1, 613-EP2280003A2, 613-EP2280013A1, 613-EP2280014A2, 613-EP2281563A1, 613-EP2281819A1, 613-EP2284146A2, 613-EP2284147A2, 613-EP2284159A1, 613-EP2284160A1, 613-EP2284169A1, 613-EP2284174A1, 613-EP2287152A2, 613-EP2287153A1, 613-EP2287155A1, 613-EP2287156A1, 613-EP2287161A1, 613-EP2287162A1, 613-EP2287168A2, 613-EP2289510A1, 613-EP2289883A1, 613-EP2289890A1, 613-EP2289965A1, 613-EP2292597A1, 613-EP2292599A1, 613-EP2292606A1, 613-EP2292609A1, 613-EP2292610A1, 613-EP2292617A1, 613-EP2292619A1, 613-EP2295055A2, 613-EP2295409A1, 613-EP2295424A1, 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propionate, Adofeed, ethylformate, methylacetate, palmitic acid, succinic acid, Pyruvic acid, lithium propanoate, chromium propionate, SODIUM PROPIONATE, Potassium propionate, CITRATE ANION, ZINC PROPIONATE, ACRYLIC ACID, Propanoic acid-1-13C, Propionic acid, zinc salt, JZP-4, D(-)-TARTARIC ACID, CID1032, C029658, 137-40-6, PA, PPi, ACD, AKR, FLC, PLM, PYR, SIN, TAR

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